Rediscipling the White Church: Two Years Later

In the months following the publication of Rediscipling the White Church in May, 2020, we experienced a period of protest and uprising in response to so many instances of racial violence. Many white leaders began trying to understand their role in the movement for racial justice and reconciliation.

A lot has changed during these two years. Instead of talking about how to move toward racial solidarity and justice, we often find ourselves debating Critical Race Theory or defending ourselves against those who question our faithfulness to the gospel. Many racial justice leaders have pointed out the backlash that we seem to be experiencing, provoked by white fear about increasing racial equality. How should we understand this moment? What can we do to remain focused on the goal of increasing justice for everyone?

As a way of marking two years since the book’s publication, David has invited some friends to join him for a few live video conversation during the month of May. You are invited to join David and his guests for these conversations.

The Next Conversation

Join David and his guest, Dr. Christina Edmondson, on Friday, May 17 at 12:00 pm CDT. Register for the Zoom link or watch on Facebook.