out of the lifeboat: liberian adoption (pt 1)

airport1-1.jpgOver the past couple of weeks I conducted an email interview with Alby Zander about their recent experience adopting two boys from Liberia. Alby has been married to Lori for 12 years, at Parkview for 9 years, and have 5 great kids- Zach 8, Matti 7, Leeya 5, Samson 4, Benji 2). Lorri mostly grew up in Kansas where her dad was a pastor and Alby grew up in Colombia, South America where his mom and dad were missionaries. They met at North Park College in Chicago and have lived in Chicago and the western suburbs. Lorri is a CPA and worked as one until last summer when she started a home business with her friend. Alby is a high school health teacher and coach at Glenbard West high school.

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way cool interview starting monday

Over the past few weeks I’ve conducted an email interview with a PCC family who recently adopted two boys from Liberia. Amazing, amazing stuff. I think their story is going to encourage you big time. In fact, tell your amigos and amigas to watch this blog next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for this three-part interview. Seriously. It’s “New Orleans Update” kind of good.

storytelling as ministry

As I mentioned before, during July most our our programs and events at PCC have been very scaled back.  There are two reasons for doing this.  First, we want to give as many as possible of our dedicated volunteers some time off.  Their service to the church and to the community all year is awesome, and this is a tiny way to thank them.  The other reason is to give families and friends just a little extra time together.  Most of us tend to be very busy… too busy if we’re honest.  The hope is that we can all slow down in July.

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being a regular

Seems like a few times each week I end up spending some time at the Caribou Coffee on Roosevelt Road in Glenn Ellyn. They’ve got free Wi-Fi, lot’s of seating, and (in my humble opinion) the best espresso in town. This coffee shop has become a great place to do homework from my Greek class. It’s often the place I come when I need to get a lot of work done quickly. It’s also my preferred location to do some sermon prep.

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my caribou coffee homeless friend

This afternoon I’m spending a couple of hours at Caribou.  This is where I come when I want to get a bunch of work done, particularly if that involves studying as it does today.  There are a couple of benefits of being a regular at the coffeeshop.  One of those is that the wonderful baristas are making my drink before I even order.  “The regular” for me is a small, in-house, espresso.  Oh man, it’s so good!  And just the trick for that post-lunch sleepiness.  Another benefit is that I get to catch up with some of my homeless friends who I would normally only see at Parkview on Sunday.  A couple of days ago one of these friends told me she hasn’t been feeling well.  Today she told me that, while she’s not well yet, she is feeling better.

I probably will never know the crap many of these folks go through every day.  I mean, what would my friend do if she wasn’t feeling better but worse?  Where would she go to rest?  I guess I was reminded to pray for this person today and the others she represents.  I’m glad I’ll see her on Sunday, and maybe the next time I’m at Caribou.  Sometimes I wonder if, aside from praying and ordering her the occasional smoothie and muffin, there’s something else I could do for my homeless friend.

Something to be praying about.

chicago gospel music festival

On Friday afternoon I found myself deep in conversation with a couple of PCC friends about the nature of worship. Specifically we were wondering about the differences and similarities between worshiping God and honoring God. Like many conversations with these two friends I walked away with more questions than answers! One of the questions our conversation kept returning to was, Where can worship happen? Is it only corporate or can it take place individually? Is music necessary? Must the setting necessarily be intentionally Christian? Turns out our conversation was a perfect set-up for the next afternoon.

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