out of the lifeboat: liberian adoption (pt 2)

Part one of this interview with Alby Zander can be found here.

Could you tell us about the logistics that needed to take place before you actually went to Liberia to meet your new children?

A lot of paperwork!!!! Probably the hardest part in the whole process is dealing with the frustration of all the hoops the different agencies (mostly government) make adoptive families go through. This was made much more bearable by the adoptive agency as they walk you through each step.
I hope this isn’t too personal of a question. I understand international adoption is quite expensive. Had you been saving for a while to make this happen?

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out of the lifeboat: liberian adoption (pt 1)

airport1-1.jpgOver the past couple of weeks I conducted an email interview with Alby Zander about their recent experience adopting two boys from Liberia. Alby has been married to Lori for 12 years, at Parkview for 9 years, and have 5 great kids- Zach 8, Matti 7, Leeya 5, Samson 4, Benji 2). Lorri mostly grew up in Kansas where her dad was a pastor and Alby grew up in Colombia, South America where his mom and dad were missionaries. They met at North Park College in Chicago and have lived in Chicago and the western suburbs. Lorri is a CPA and worked as one until last summer when she started a home business with her friend. Alby is a high school health teacher and coach at Glenbard West high school.

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way cool interview starting monday

Over the past few weeks I’ve conducted an email interview with a PCC family who recently adopted two boys from Liberia. Amazing, amazing stuff. I think their story is going to encourage you big time. In fact, tell your amigos and amigas to watch this blog next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for this three-part interview. Seriously. It’s “New Orleans Update” kind of good.

this sunday at pcc

No hint for you this week, just going to come right out and tell you what’s coming. The theme for the morning services is Psalm 100: A Song of Celebration, Thanksgiving, and Faithfulness. In addition to some teaching, communion, and worship we’re also going to hear an interview with a Parkview person about how she has seen God’s faithfulness through some rough times lately. I’m not saying who the person is (that will be the surprise this week) but I know some of her story and it’s encouraging.

Oh yeah, if you weren’t at one of the services on Sunday than the answer to last week’s hint was Priscilla and Aquila. And if you weren’t there on Sunday than you missed this awesome photo of me on my scooter.

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2-4 volunteers needed: connection coaches

rope.jpgOver the past year and a half we have asked a few of our key leaders at PCC to beta-test a new volunteer position we’re calling Connection Coaches. This new position was instigated by feedback we were receiving from some the newer members of the Parkview community. We heard from these folks was that while they generally perceived PCC to be a friendly and welcoming church they weren’t always sure how to go about getting plugged into community and service. No good!

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