a few things…

…I really liked about the worship service today:

  • I really appreciated the flow of the service today. I thought Steve and his team did a great job of leading us in worship throughout the morning. I particularly appreciated the invitation to reflect at different points this morning. Steve could have been talking about me when he said, “Sometimes I need to stop talking to God so I can start listening to Him.” Absolutely.
  • It always feels a bit strange to me on the last day of a sermon series- as was the case today with The Office series. I did appreciate Ray’s recap of the Joseph story from Genesis. I also resonated with the repeated reminder that all of life is sacred. There is no part of my life that God is uninterested in.
  • It was cool to see some of the folks a few rows over who had been baptized a couple of weeks ago. Especially cool since we got to hear the stories of what God has been doing in their lives lately… amazing stuff! Kind of makes me wonder what other signs of life might be taking place in the lives of Parkview people.
  • This might sound funny, but I really liked having the kids in the worship service this morning since most of our Children’s Ministry volunteers, along with many other Sunday volunteers, have been given the month of July off. It was cool to see the family in front of me following along together in the Bible as Ray told the Joseph story. It was especially cool to see some families sharing communion together. Since Maggie and I don’t have kids, we don’t know some of the hassle that must be involved with bringing your kids to the worship service. But, I’ve got to believe that it is a very good thing for families to worship together occasionally.

ray’s random thoughts: Biblical influencers

I got this email from Ray this morning,


I was just wondering if you might offer your opinion on something. Who would you list as the ten most influential people [men or women] in Scripture [not including Jesus]?

Could you put some names down and send them back? You don’t have to try and prioritize their order – just give me ten.

Thanks for the feedback. You’ll be hearing about this in a couple weeks.


You can leave a reply in the comments section of this post, or email the church office [info at pccmail dot org].

Ray is PCC’s Senior Pastor.


OK, I know most Americans of the USA variety aren’t huge soccer fans. Maggie and I however really enjoy the sport and try to get to a few Chicago Fire games each summer. By the way, the Fire’s new stadium in Bridgeview is great, not a bad seat in the house. For my birthday on Sunday Maggie took me to see the US national team play Mexico for the championship of the Gold Cup at Soldier Field. The place was sold out and, as USA fans, we were outnumbered BIG TIME.

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ignite! prepares for new orleans trip

I received the following today from Glenn, PCC’s SR High pastor.

This July 14th – 21st 58 high school students and leaders from Ignite! (Parkview’s Sr. high ministry) will be going to New Orleans to help in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Their purpose in going is to tangibly share God’s love by helping the residents who were effected by Hurricane Katrina get back on their feet.

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live earth and (product) red

I posted this elsewhere this weekend, but thought I’d put it here as well…

 On July 7, Live Earth will broadcast The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis from all 7 continents. Get it? 7/7/07 on 7 continents. So if you’re in New York, you could see Kanye West and Fall Out Boy among others. If you happen to be in Sydney you could catch Wolfmother and Jack Johnson. If you can’t make it in person (London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janerio, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hamburg are the other venues. The Antarctica location hasn’t been advertised just yet.) you can watch the whole deal streaming live at at MSN . So, what to make of Live Earth? Should we be excited or cynical?
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top 100 films, macgyver, and duke special

The American Film Institute has just come out with their top 100 Movies list. Here’s the top 5:


My friend Mike is a huge MacGyver fan… like, he has all of the seasons on DVD. So I knew I had to post the list of problems solved by MacGyver. Hilarious. To me.

In the vein of last week’s simple animated music video post, I give you Duke Special’s Freewheel. Love that Belfast accent.