Will you read “The New Jim Crow” with us?

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness is a book that has rapidly become mandatory reading for anyone interested in issues of justice in America.  I’m just a chapter in and am already impressed by Michelle Alexander’s ability to paint a complicated picture with gripping clarity. Pastor Rich Johnson of Sanctuary … Continue reading Will you read “The New Jim Crow” with us?

Protesting in Ferguson: Logical, Normal, & Christian

After the first protests (in person and online) emerged in response to Michael Brown’s killing in Ferguson it was common to hear complaints and confusion about those who protested. I experienced a bit of this misunderstanding and disagreement for some of the things I wrote in the days following the young man’s death. Of course, … Continue reading Protesting in Ferguson: Logical, Normal, & Christian

Readers On Reading: Rich Johnson

I’ve asked a few more friends to contribute to my Readers on Reading series. I’ll post them as their answers roll in. ________________________________________ My friend Rich Johnson is the church planter of Sanctuary Columbus Church and a seminary student at North Park Theological Seminary. He also consults churches and Christian organizations on developing a biblical … Continue reading Readers On Reading: Rich Johnson