storytelling as ministry

As I mentioned before, during July most our our programs and events at PCC have been very scaled back.  There are two reasons for doing this.  First, we want to give as many as possible of our dedicated volunteers some time off.  Their service to the church and to the community all year is awesome, and this is a tiny way to thank them.  The other reason is to give families and friends just a little extra time together.  Most of us tend to be very busy… too busy if we’re honest.  The hope is that we can all slow down in July.

Today I got an email from Scott with a link to an article about telling stories to your family.  Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but the article reminded me about our July break at PCC and how “ministry” doesn’t and shouldn’t stop just ’cause things have slowed down on Sunday mornings.

My adventure into personal storytelling began with a question from my eldest son: “Mom, did you ever do anything wrong when you were a kid?” It had been a rough morning when eight-year-old Joshua popped that question. Though simple, it caught me off guard.

“Of course,” I stammered. “Haven’t you heard the stories?”

Joshua looked at me with surprise and shook his head.

I dove into my memory bank, picked a good one, and shared it with him on the spot. In no time at all, Josh was off running through the house. “Do you guys know Mommy cut off all her hair when she was three years old?”

Personal stories are fun, free, and with a little forethought, easy to add to our overloaded lives. Every day is full of stories. News channels funnel the world’s top headlines into our living rooms. Radio stations keep us up to date on local events. The Internet feeds us its daily portion of news-making trivia. Unfortunately, this bombardment allows us to devalue and neglect both our stories and those of the ones we love.

You can find the rest of Brenda Jank’s article here.

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