critical need for furniture for refugees

My friend Catherine works for World Relief in Wheaton. I’ve slightly edited an email that she recently sent me that I think the readers of this blog would want to know about.

We are in critical need of furniture for the incoming Burmese families in September. We will need over 60 beds. Please consider places to post the attached flyer including (but not limited to!) post offices, churches, community centers, your own neighborhood, etc.

Current Needs:

  • 50 twin beds
  • 10 queens beds
  • 38 dressers
  • 9 kitchen tables/ chair sets.

Contact: Drew Thompson, Donations & Warehouse Coordinator 630-462-7566 x19 or
For more information about our Bed Fund, Gretchen Schmidt at 630-462-7566 x25 or

Click here for a PDF of the flyer referenced in this email.

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