links: belief, bono, taste, first use of “missional”

  • John Stackhouse asks whether you have to choose between your brains and beliefs? However much sophistication they affect, they must run in very narrow circles. I mean, two billion or so Christians and they think that all of them are stupid? Two billion Christians, and Dawkins and Hitchens don’t know any who are intelligent?  Update: Part 2 just went up today.
  • Bono on ending extreme poverty from the Davos meetings. Hello, my name is Bono and I’m a rockstar…sort of.
  • Andy Whitman on his sense of taste. I have friends who are connoisseurs of coffee, beer, and wine. They discuss the alluring complexities of Ethiopian dark roast and the tangy zest of Jamaica Blue Mountain. They debate the merits of Belgian Trappist beers and blonde ales. Don’t even get me started on the wine discussions.
  • Andrew Jones researches the first use of the word “missional.” Would you believe 1883?

2 thoughts on “links: belief, bono, taste, first use of “missional”

  1. So, I’m a huge fan of Bono… I love U2, sure, but as a human being, I’m proud to be part of the human race that has Bono in it. I mean, sure, he’s a rock star… sure he has his flaws and sin and whatever. Who doesn’t? But he is one of the few truly mega-stars that really takes his star-power and backs causes that are worthwhile, and he really believes in them. He expends personal time, effort, money, and exposure on real-world crises… Not a comment so much on your blog entry (sorry), but I just think people need to take note of what this guy does regularly, and has done for quite some time.

  2. Hmm . . . last time I checked Francis Crick, Nobel laureate and head of the Human Genome Project was Christian. Dawkins is a dunderhead, give me a real non-theist.

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