links: pilgrim, belief, keller, grand central station

  • Pilgrim Without a Shrine is blogging again. He’s got some thoughts on recent happenings in the Middle East. I can’t imagine a scenario where [President Bush] will be able to broker any sort of peace deal between Israel and Palestine. Especially considering all of the humanitarian aid that the US had been sending to Israel over the years was converted to military aid in 2007. Palestinians used to claim that Israel was buying jets, helicopters, missile, and bullets with US funding. In the past that was a stretch, now it is not.
  • John Stackhouse’s series, Do You Have to Choose Between Your Brains and Your Beliefs, just keeps getting better. From Part 3, There is an important sense in which Dawkins, Hitchens, et al. are on to something... And they’re right to find it impossible to see how someone can reasonably believe that–if by “reasonably believe” they cling to a particular mode of reasoning, namely, inference from empirical data or self-evident propositions.
  • Newsweek has a short profile on Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New Your City whose book, The Reason for God, just came out. Like so many New Yorkers, Keller is a misfit. He’s a megachurch pastor who doesn’t like megachurches. He’s an orthodox Christian who believes in evolution. He emulates the Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards and loves a good restaurant. He’s an evangelist who relishes the power of doubt. (ht reformissionary)
  • Speaking of NYC, check out this video of a super creative stunt/prank in Grand Central Station. Brilliant.

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