it better be the best shower ever…

Have you ever seen one of these billboards? Maggie and I laugh every time we drive by one of these advertisements for Holiday Inn Express. “How dumpy must your hotel be,” we ask, “if the showers are your biggest selling point?!”

Well, this weekend we’re in Oshkosh, WI for a wedding and we’re staying in a… Holiday Inn Express (a nice hotel as it turns out). While I’ve yet to test out the shower, I can confirm that the dinner plate-sized shower heads of billboard fame are a reality. I’ll let you know whether or not they are worthy of being the advertising centerpiece for an entire hotel chain.

On a related note, apparently Oshkosh is a real place and not just a funny name for kids clothing.

Update… Larry makes the good point that a good shower is desirable when traveling.  Agreed.  After testing said shower though, I’m definitely not convinced it’s worthy of billboard status.

One thought on “it better be the best shower ever…

  1. I agree that there should be a better campaign for a hotel, however, a good shower with good pressure is always awesome when staying at a hotel. I’ve sure been to enough that lacked that simple resource and man, I sure noticed that. 🙂

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