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  • Peter Lovenheim wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times about his attempts to get to know his neighbors by spending one night in their homes. What would it take, I wondered, to penetrate the barriers between us? I thought about childhood sleepovers and the insight I used to get from waking up inside a friend’s home. Would my neighbors let me sleep over and write about their lives from inside their own houses?
  • Pete Rollins has, not surprisingly, a unique take on original sin. Pete’s a super smart guy, but I think I’m tracking with him here. To explain what I mean let us take the almost ubiquitous claim within the church that there was once a type of pre-fall religious community (not in the sense of being perfect, but rather of a community before “the” fundamental mistake). For instance people often refer lovingly to the community of believers that existed before Paul came along and formed the church, or the church before Constantine converted to Christianity or Catholicism before Luther created a schism or the community that Luther founded that was perverted by later protestant sects etc. etc.
  • SwimmingHoles.org is just what it sounds like: a comprehensive website of swimming holes in the USA. I suppose Lake Michigan doesn’t count because Illinois doesn’t make the list. Remember the “old swimmin’ hole”? Well, many are still there and they are still lots more fun and naturally beautiful than a chlorinated swimming pool! SwimmingHoles.info focuses on moving, fresh water spots – like creeks, rivers, springs and waterfalls. Also listed are some selected hot springs (in the west) and other swimming places on lakes, quarries or bays which have unique features that make them especially beautiful or fun for swimming. (via Kottke)
  • I’m not sure what to make of it, but Christianity Today’s latest poll shows Obaman ahead of McCain among the magazine’s readers. Christianity Today online readers showed more support for Sen. Barack Obama than Sen. John McCain in our poll this week for the first time since January. Obama passed McCain (41%) by garnering 51 percent of the vote during our poll that closed yesterday. In June, McCain led Obama 50 to 33 percent. The two were tied in March at 26 percent.

One thought on “4 links

  1. I checked out this website last year in hopes of stopping at a swimmin hole on my way to or from Florida…didn’t stop, however. Does anyone recall the Mountain Dew and Kraft Peanut Butter commercials from the early to mid 1970s? Both featured kids frolicking in swimming holes. I’ve always wanted to live that life.
    I think the water parks of today cater to the wants of we who want the swimmin’ holes…lazy rivers, slides, buckets of water splashing down. They really are fun. While you do have chlorine in the water, you don’t have the pollution and other dangers (broken bottles, unknown rocks, undertows) of some swimmin’ holes.
    Perhaps on my way to Great Wolf Lodge I’ll stop at a real swimmin’ hole…the way life’s meant to be.

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