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Do you ever have to stop and count how many books you’re reading at any one time?  I’m not sure how it works, but sometimes I’m happily reading through just one book and other times I can barely keep track.

Currently I’m finishing up the last section of The Jesus Way (as reflected on here and here).  Zondervan was kind enough to send an early copy of Scott McKnight’s latest, The Blue Parakeet.  I’d like to finish that and post a review or two by the end of this month.  This week my copy of Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle arrived at our public library branch.  I probably should have waited to start this, but the fascinating interview on NPR proved too much to resist.  This may end up being one of my favorite’s of 2008.

Last week Cathy lent me her copy of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Leadership Journal sent me Coffeehouse Theology to review.

That’s a lot of books.  Too many books?  I suppose that depends on whether you ask my wife or me.

I probably shouldn’t ask, but what has been your favorite book of 2008?

13 thoughts on “on the night stand

  1. Does the list include only books from this year, or simply books we’re reading for the first time, this year? (Sorry to be technical, but ya know…) 🙂

  2. Thanks Ed, I look forward to the book.

    Larry, as the top-commenter on this blog, you have complete freedom. What have your read this year that you’d recommend to this blog’s readers?

  3. Well, while I haven’t finished it yet… (it’s got an “application” section at each chapters’ end, that I’m trying to implement well, before moving on, as well as some other books needing to be read, rather than my desire to read them…) But, I can already recommend “Deliver Us From Me-Ville” by David A. Zimmerman. His writing style is always fun (at least for me) and it’s a very easy read. But the concepts are indeed challenging.

    I can’t say how often I’ve been reading a chapter, been thinking to myself “well, I’m glad *I’m* not that kind of person” and realize that by saying this to myself, I’m EXACTLY that person. So, it’s a great self-check in the gut to keep us humble and putting others before us, and God before all…

    Also, I’d highly recommend “So You Want to Be Like Christ?” by Chuck Swindoll… Glenn Westburg gave me the book a couple years ago, and it took me forever to get through. It’s a great book, but again, I’m not good with non-fiction. It just takes me forever to get through them, even if I’m quite interested in the topic.

    As far as fiction goes, I cannot recommend highly enough almost anything by William Gibson (my favorite) or Stephen King. But that’s my personal preference, and definitely doesn’t usually coincide with the readership of this blog.

  4. Nonfiction:
    The School of Dying Graces- Dr. Richard Felix (very helpful in my journey through grief)
    Now and Not Yet- Jennifer A. Marshall (must read for any single Christian girl)
    God’s Politics- Jim Wallis (I’m not quite through yet but I’ve loved what I’ve read so far. Especially timely to review the pertinent issues before the upcoming election.)

    Silence- Shusaku Endo (very thought provoking)
    The Thirteenth Tale- Diane Setterfield (I’ve been recommending this one to everyone I meet!)

  5. david, how do you get all these previews? ‘cuz i totally want to borrow/steal/library a copy of blue parakeet and jesus wants to save christians.

    and yes, i just verbed ‘library’.

  6. i think the only book i’ve read this year from this year has been the 2008 writer’s market. but that may actually have been published in 07… *walks hall of irrelevant reading shame*

  7. Jas- Scott had asked folks to review the book, so I got a free copy. The problem is that I should have already read and reviewed it by now.

  8. Just finished “Special Topics in Calamity Physics” and am craving some discussion! It’s “thinking reader” fiction with a twist or two. A little slow to start but then difficult to put down. Hence why I want to keep the story going through a little conversation…

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