thanks for the links

My little blog has the privilege of being linked to by a handful of other sites.  The authors of these blogs are an eclectic and witty bunch of folks and I’d highly recommend checking out each of their sites.

Andy Rowell is a Th.D. student at Duke Divinity School and an astute observer of American Evangelicalism.  Andy is the go-to guy for statistics and footnotes.  He regularly points out helpful resources for those in pastoral ministry.

Skye Jethani is the managing editor at Leadership Journal.  Skye’s blog is fairly new and loosely follows the themes of his forthcoming book, The Divine Commodity.  Skye regularly offers insightful critique of the state of the church in a consumer-oriented  culture.

Eugene Cho is the founding pastor of Quest Church in Seattle.  Eugene has the unique ability to raise really provocative questions in a way that invites civil conversation, a skill I greatly admire.

Edward Gilbreath, a fellow Chicagoan, is the editorial director of Urban Ministries, Inc and has recently been involved with the launch of  Edward’s commentary on the recent presidential election was thoughtful and served as a guide to many who were confused by the role of race and racism in the primaries and general election.

Catherine McNiel has a wide range of interests: parenting, literature, and world religions to name a few of the more prominent themes.  Catherine is the best writer of the blogs I regularly read; her observations stike the lovely balance between the very physical aspects of life and the transcendence behind those moments.

Ray Kollbocker is the senior pastor of Parkivew Community Church, our former suburban church where I worked for 5 years.  Ray K has a wicked sense of humor and his blogging combines this with his diverse interests and pastoral sensibility.

Pilgrim Without a Shrine has probably been linked to by my blog more than any other.  In addition to being a great friend, Pilgrim offers first-person observations from the Middle East that is increasingly important for us to hear.  The blog regularly offers the stories behind the latest spectacular headlines from the region.  His stories about finding good food and haircuts add the personal touch befitting a blog of this type.

Out of Ur is Leadership Journal’s blog that I contribute to on a monthly basis.  It’s a kick to see what topics the blog’s commentors will latch on to.  I know of few better sources for a sense of what evangelical-type churches and pastors are talking about.

Thanks for the links folks and please keep blogging; I learn a lot from each of you.  Did I miss any?  Leave a comment if you’re site is linking to Signs of Life.

5 thoughts on “thanks for the links

  1. while that IS quite the list, the ever-influential and influencing LeftCheek (click on my name up above) has you on its most prestigious ‘Links We Like to Roll to’ roll.

  2. I haven’t linked yet, but I just haven’t found a story that I think melds with my readership yet…I definitely keep reading though, and hope to link to stuff as it relates in the future!

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