thank you


I continue to be pleasantly surprised that folks show up to this blog on a regular basis.  I’m very grateful to those who leave comments, especially the regulars.  I’ve come to anticipate your thoughts and reactions on the ecclectic items and ideas that get posted here.  With all sincerity I wish you a very Happy New Year and I look forward to another year of conversations and good-natured banter.

3 thoughts on “thank you

  1. B”H

    Hey Pastor Dave,

    Thanks to you for many interesting and thoughtful blog topics throughout the past year. I like the fact that you have included a variety of items from book reviews to interviews as well as various You Tube videos.

    If you had asked I would respond that my favorite SOL blog from 2008 was NOT the coverage you gave to the PAPA Fest where we met in person and had a wonderful but much too short exchange of thoughts on race relations in the Church. Neither was it any of your composite posts with many helpful links and comments and commentary. My number one pick would be the video of the spontaneous mall musical posted back in August. Although I think I should have returned and beefed up the comments a bit more, it was still an interesting and promising sign of believers caring to share their thoughts and ideas outside the box of normalcy.

    Keep up the good work Pastor Dave. Although you may not be getting the high number of hits and comments that some other sites receive, know for sure that your regular readers are greatly blessed and encouraged, even when they are silent and sometimes act like lurkers.

    Peace and love,


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