to dc for the inaugruation

It’s funny how late 10:00 PM seems knowing that we have to get up in less than 5 hours.  We’re getting a (very) early start tomorrow so that we can pick up the Washingtons and begin our 12 hour drive to Washington DC.  This trip is one of the things I was most looking forward to about 2009 for at least two reasons.  First, though we’ve known Michael and Dawn since 2000 and have a lot of good memories together, this will be our first road trip.  There was no question that we’d join them when they invited us to DC for the inauguration a few months back (pending Barack Obama’s election).  Secondly, this president’s inauguration is a big deal; what I like to call a sign of life.  There is no need to review in this post all the reasons for the significance of this event.  Hopefully we can agree that, whatever one’s politics, this will be a day worthy of celebration and wonder.

We really have no idea what the next few days will be like.  We certainly don’t have tickets to any of the events and we were left off the guest list of every single inaugural ball, if you can believe it.  I hope to post a few updates along the way.  I particularly hope to blog some thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr Day, the day before the inauguration.  If for some reason I can’t, may I suggest that you listen to this short new story about a recently discovered speech made my Dr King during his 1959 visit to India?

Regardless of my access to this blog, I plan on twittering regularly from my cell phone during the next few days.  Feel free to follow along.

2 thoughts on “to dc for the inaugruation

  1. I am so happy you are making the pilgrimage to DC and am looking forward to stories and pics! V and I are actually attending a Obama inauguration party on this side of the pond (ex-pats). Hey – you may not be able to do anything about it now but the MLK link didn’t seem to work. Have a great time in DC and keep your wits about you in the crowds!

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