dc day 2

Some very quick (and sleepy) impressions of our second day in Washington DC:

  • We all agree that there is a bunch of excitement in the air.  People are quick to talk to you and ask where you’ve come from for the inauguration.  It’s been heartening to hear how many folks- like us- don’t have tickets but are just planning on showing up and getting as close as possible to the Capitol.
  • We spent some time on Howard University’s campus this afternoon.  Howard is one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities; the “Black Harvard” as we heard a few times today.  The university was buzzing with campus tours and alumni visiting from out of town.  Michael and I were particularly disappointed to hear that Dr Cornell West was on campus and that we didn’t get to hear him speak.
  • We saw on the news this question asked a few times: Does Obama’s election mean Dr. King’s dream has been realized?  Over dinner tonight the four of us agreed that, despite the many very significant things about this election, the answer is “no” for multiple reasons.  I’ll leave those reasons for another day.
  • We passed a large anti-war protest in DuPont Circle this afternoon and saw Pro-life marchers are TV this evening.  It makes sense that people wanting to make a political statement would have a presence in DC right now, and it’s something about our country that I’m really grateful for.

Tomorrow we hope to catch an early shuttle from the hotel to a Metra stop.  And then?  There’s not telling, but we’re looking forward to being in the midst of it all.

2 thoughts on “dc day 2

  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on yesterday and seeing some pics. It looked awesome on a tiny TV set in the Middle East. Please share some thoughts on your dinner conversation as well. I would be interested in hearing what parts of MLKs dream have been realized in Obama’s taking office and where work still remains to be done.

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