happy saturday: frost/nixon

From my recent review of Frost/Nixon over at rednoW.

frost_nixon_posterWhat if Conan O’Brien landed a series of interviews with former President George W. Bush?  And what if, towards the end of hours of slightly interesting political banter, the president admitted that there had been no real evidence to go to war with Iraq?  Such an implausible scenario is precisely the story of Ron Howard’s Oscar-nominated film, Frost/Nixon.  Having resigned the presidency on the heals of Watergate, the disgraced Richard Nixon is shown plotting his redemption from his Californian ocean-side mansion.  Director Howard portrays the infamous president as a somewhat awkward man with little use for small talk who, despite his public disgrace, believes he will soon return to political power.  An opportunity for such a return presents itself in the unlikely form of British television personality David Frost.

In the film version of this story (the original Frost/Nixon interviews were broadcast in 1977 and are available on DVD) Frost is  a talented showman and savvy business man but hardly possessing the experience and gravitas to interview the man so reviled by much of the nation.  Once Nixon had received a presidential pardon from his successor there was no chance he would ever stand trial for the crimes he was accused of.  In Frost/Nixon we glimpse a nation in need of catharsis.  Honor and dignity had been sullied with no hope for restoration on the horizon.  American expectations for the man known as “The Bubonic Plagiarist” from his days hosting a variety show seemed impossible to meet…

Read the rest at rednoW.

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