two sad swanson guys

These are the faces of a man missing his wife and a son missing his mother.  This afternoon we dropped Maggie off at an el stop downtown for a quick ride to Midway airport for her flight to Savannah.  This weekend she is catching up with four of her best friends from high school years at Carolina Day School in Asheville, NC.


Tomorrow we’ll work from home (me on church planting and Eliot on chewing things) and then make dinner for a new friend.  On Saturday Eliot gets to hang out with his “aunt” Dawn while I attend a meeting.  Sunday is church service in the morning and then a BBQ in Oak Park with my community group before welcoming Maggie back home in the evening.

We’ll certainly miss Maggie, but will undoubtedly find plenty to smile and laugh about.

2 thoughts on “two sad swanson guys

  1. Dave, Enjoy every minute with your new bundle of joy!!!! The Sommerfeld Family is so excited for all of you! Congrats!!! What a great little get-a-way for Maggie this weekend too. Many Blessings to the three of you! 🙂

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