The blog has been pretty quiet these days.  All of family Swanson’s energies have gone to our move from Logan Square down to Hyde Park.  On Tuesday night we closed on our condo (to those who warned of ridiculous amounts of paperwork, you were correct) and then the packing and moving kicked into high gear.  We had some tremendous help from New Community friends who packed the moving truck in an hour and unloaded it in even less time.

I’m not sure how smart it was to buy our first home the same year we adopted our son and began the church planting process, but I’m happy to report that all three Swansons seem to be sound in mind and soul… though our bodies are a bit tired from carrying boxes up and down stairs.

We’ve been in the neighborhood for less than 48 hours but it’s clear how much there is to appreciate about Hyde Park.  We’re thankful to be living here for a number of reasons, including the proximity to Bronzeville to the north where the church plant will be located.

Maggie and I have moved quite a few times during our 10 years of marriage and this is the first home that we plan on being in for the indefinite future.  That kind of permanency would have terrified me a few years ago, but now I find the appeal of neighborhood and neighbors too strong to resist.  I hope we are here for many years to come.

2 thoughts on “home

  1. David,

    I’m so happy for all of you!!!

    What an exciting time. Planting down roots is SO MUCH BETTER than I ever expected.

    I will enjoy reading on your blog, as you keep it updated.

    btw, where is Bronzeville?

  2. Swansons x 3, congratulations. May the years in your new home be filled with blessings and wonderful memories.

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