street preachers: good idea?

I’d be curious to hear from those of you with an opinion on the following.  An article I’d written this summer was recently posted at Out of Ur.  In the article, “Angry Preachers or Gospel Musicians”, I wrote about encounters I had with two different groups of Christians after leaving the Lollapalooza music festival.  The first group had set-up within a few yards of the festival entrance.

One held a handmade sign that read—I kid you not— “TURN OR BURN!” He spoke into a bullhorn, warning the young people of God’s coming judgment and listing in vivid detail the sins that would lead them to an eternity burning in hell. The other man held an open Bible and vigorously debated anyone who disagreed with his companion’s portrayal of God.

I bumped into the second group, two musicians, on the el platform while waiting for my train.

The musicians played skillfully and sang a Gospel song with the unambiguous refrain, “In the Lord I put my trust.” Here the small audience of festival goers smiled and clapped generously, their obvious appreciation for the musicians a total contrast to the emotions elicited by the street preachers.

By contrasting these two completely different approaches to Christian witness I meant to point out that both sets of men- the preachers and the musicians- had been significantly formed by their Christian communities.  Having observed the radically different responses elicited by these two approaches, I assumed most would share my distaste for the angry and confrontational approach of the street preachers.


Without tallying all the comments it would seem that many within my Christian family view the “turn or burn” approach of the street preachers in an admirable light, comparable to Jesus’ approach with his culture.

These comments were a bit surprising to me.  Jesus, as I read him, reserved his harshest language for the religious.  Those on the margins of religion, like many at the festival, evoked Christ’s compassion.  I’m painting in broad strokes here, but I think this is a fair summation.

Your opinion please: Is the type of public witness practiced by those two street preachers reflective of Jesus’ example and teaching?

Most of us won’t brandish bullhorns anytime soon, but the question is still important.  The way Christians publicly witness to Jesus says everything about our own beliefs about Jesus.

One last thing. To those readers who wouldn’t place themselves within the Christian family, I’m always fascinated by your perspective on these questions.


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50 thoughts on “street preachers: good idea?

  1. I have certainly been part of the Christian “family”. I would say that angry brow-beating is an approach based on fear. It can be effective in making “converts”, but when your world view is based on fear, you will approach everything in through that lens. So you will see “sin” in others and condemn it, hold those who practice it at arm lengths because you learned how to deal with your own sin through fear. So maybe you purged your life from sin because you were afraid that sin would lead you to hell. But you will approach others that way to, hold them, like your old sin, at arms length, purge your life of “sinners”.

    I don’t think Jesus did that. Sure, he preached in the street, but his most powerful moments were tender ones and redemptive ones. Turning to the bleeding woman and freeing her from suffering, or preaching the blessing of the sermon on the mount, or even saving the woman from being stoned to death. But he challenged people’s sin much more often than condemning it.

    I will say, there is PLENTY of street preaching in the Bible. That was how news got spread, it was entertainment, it was culturally relevant. (It was also, at times, full of anger and condemnation.) But I think those singers are more culturally relevant and thus more effective that street screamers. The US especially is a culture that prefers to be personally influenced in more intimate settings (a conversation with a friend, a small group meeting, watching a movie). So maybe the street screamers should just try making some friends and THEN talking to them about sin.

  2. I think both approaches are valid and needed. One sales guy once characterized his sales approach as the “hammer and band-aid”. One salesman would make the prospect feel badly because they were sorely lacking in what we were selling and the other salesman would chide the first and sooth things over with a great proposal to solve the problem identified by the first.

    Charles Finney strongly advised against making sinners feel comfortable. He felt that people would not come to God until they had gained a strong appreciation of the terrors of hell. If we do not have a hell to fear, then who needs a savior?

    On the other hand, I believe that what we invite people to join is not a community of condemnation, but rather the family of God where they will be loved by God and by Brethren alike. I found found that no matter where I travel in the world, I am led to a wonderful fellowship of Christians where I am loved and nourished. When I arrived in Switzerland for a medium term assignment, I pleaded with God to lead me to a church. Within 15 minutes, he led me to the most wonderful church, located directly across the street from the office where I worked. When coworkers asked in amazement how I had so quickly made relationships in the community, I replied that when you know Jesus, you have a big family. I have had similar experiences in Slovakia, Hokkaido Japan and Birmingham, AL (I live in Pittsburgh).

    I like the way you posed this question, but I suspect that one avenue this discussion could follow would be to somehow outlaw or discourage the loud proclamation of the dangers of hell. I think that outcome would be a terrible mistake. Perhaps the reasons that the United States seems to be declining spiritually is a lack of belief in the reality of heaven and hell. I believe they are both real and that each soul will end up in one or the other. We do nobody a favor by failing to warn them of this fact.

  3. @Greg Simkins:
    Regarding Charles Finney’s approach, asking, “If we do not have a hell to fear, then who needs a savior?” is akin to askng, “If you are not being physically abused, why do you need a mother/father?” Perhaps an inadequate analogy, but it nonetheless captures the fallacy present in the ‘hell & savior’ question. It is not out of fear that God calls us, but out of His love.

    To posit that ‘the only reason one would turn to Christ is to avoid punishment/hell’ is to neglect the overwhelming majority of Christ’s ministry, the message of the Gospel, and the wholeness of Scripture. Christ was not the fulfillment of the Law so that we might be justly punished, but rather so that we might be fully redeemed and loved!

  4. On: Comparing the Gospel preachers and the Gospel musicians I believe your own article summarizes the whole issue: “There is someone for everyone” (as the Kenny Roger’s song says). One approach may seem utterly “mad” to one party, but be entirely “sane” to the other.

    Someone once said “Preach Jesus all the time but rarely use words”: now that would be the ideal. Unfortunately, we are in the “Last Days” (that’s not just something preachers bandy around to scare us into reform).
    Now here’s a brief analogy: If we went out camping, and during one of those lazy afternoons when everyone’s napping someone notices a massive boulder rolling down a hill heading straight for the campsite – how would you expect the guy to sound the alarm? Should he pick up a banjo and strum out a nice, mellow tune, or should he grab the nearest frying pan and stick and cause as big a racket as possible (with verbal accompaniment)? Do we have time for the “banjo” or do we need the “frying-pan”? Your answer will decide whether you believe that we’re in the Last Days, or if you believe we’ve got lots of time before that boulder gets down there and finds some guys snoozing. If someone’s trying to thump you on the head with the “frying pan” – kindly forgive them – their intentions are good but their method is bad (you’ll decide whether the results will be bad as well depending on your reaction and what you “take home”). The vessels being used are weak but the living water they’re trying to carry still has its power. Let’s try and remember that it’s not about who is right but rather what is right. Eventually, the one who does the conversion is the Holy Spirit – we are just planting the seed of truth but have no idea how it will grow. Let’s pray for one another.

  5. [quote]Jesus, as I read him, reserved his harshest language for the religious. Those on the margins of religion, like many at the festival, evoked Christ’s compassion. I’m painting in broad strokes here, but I think this is a fair summation.[/quote]
    Yes, you’ve got it exactly right. I am reminded of His treatment toward the young man in Mark 10, who boasted that he had kept the law all his life. Though He knew each of this man’s failings (and could have lambasted him at length), and understood his self-deception as well as its source, the scriptures say, “Then Jesus beholding him loved him…” But out of that love came a hard saying…one that the young man could not tolerate. He was offended, not because the words of Christ were obnoxious, but because they were the truth and he was unwilling to submit to them.

  6. Amen to “planting seeds”.

    Sometimes I feel that yelling into a bullhorn is more like a “shotgun” approach to reaching the lost. The Holy Spirit will move those that are ready to be moved but, where is the ministry to the individual when kids are streaming out of a concert together? Could “hearing” the preacher (without reacting right then) be the first step that the Holy Spirit uses to reach someone? Or maybe it’s just one step in a series of “the Spirit movinig in someone life?

    I do not personally subscribe to or use the “fear” approach. We are called to “make disciples”, not to scare the “hell” out of people. People like to talk about what Jesus did or would do… Jesus is summed up in one word, Love. It’s about relationships.

    So, let’s say that I, as an evangelist, had a chance meeting with someone that had attended the concert the night before. The street preachers words are still echoing in their spirit. I begin to present the gospel to them at a coffee shop. Could it be that they are a little more open in their spirit to listen my message now than they would have been? Just a thought.

    It’s an old adage, that’s more true now than ever, when reaching people for Christ, “they don’t care what you know till they know that you care”. I don’t see street preachers “oozing” that loving feeling or building relationships, but they are doing what they feel called to do. Their part of the equation, per se.

    I have great admiration for those who are activly moving in their calling. It takes guts to do what the street ministers and street musicians do. Most ministries have challenges getting people to show up for a prayer meeting… these people are out there in His service.

    God bless them.

  7. “Let Christ be preached in every way,” according to Paul.

    Turn or Burn street preachers make wonderful discussion fodder. I’ve had more conversations with unbelievers asking me, as a believer, what I think of “that guy outside” than just about anything else. They take the brunt of bringing sin into the picture.

    The comment equating abusing a kid to make them appreciate their parents to this approach is off the mark. One of our biggest roadblocks to accepting Christ is the fact that we are unaware of our need for Him. A rough understanding of our unworthiness makes His offer of grace all the more vital. It isn’t fear that draws us but utter desperation.

  8. Two examples of street preaching in my own experience:

    1] Walking along a high street in a small town in Scotland I became aware of a loud voice maybe a couple of hundred yards ahead. Getting closer to the source, you could see the pedestrians ahead gradually moving over to the left and walking in a semi circle pattern, to avoid the gentleman standing on the street corner on their right. I decided to stop and observe for a few minutes. In the next 5 minutes not one passing person stopped to listen to this chap as he stood and shouted out that we were all doomed if we did not turn to God. Pretty spot on in his use of scripture but difficult to listen to at times. But who knows if a ‘seed’ was planted in the heart of someone as they passed by?

    2] A few weeks later; Clayton Square, Liverpool. A group of young people had set up a small marquee and were telling Bible stories, in a low key way, with the use of puppets and various visual aids. Passers-by would stop to see what was happening and, if they stopped long enough, they would be appoached by a member of the team. I saw many conversations take place and many leaflets were handed over.

    I very much lean towards sharing God’s grace and love first, but there has to be an awareness about the consequences of rejecting this grace and love.

  9. I am a Christian, and in a way I did some street preaching too, so I was very interested when I saw this article. Indeed, you have a good point. Especially when you and others wrote about the appropriateness or the ineptness of some public talks.
    Indeed, there is a think that must be kept in mind always when someone wants to talk about Jesus with people in the open street. They must be much more sensitive than usually.
    However, there is a space to talk about hell too. Read for example the famous sermon of Jonathan Edwards, ‘sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’.
    There are different ways to determine if something is true, tipical to different cultures. It is said that the Eastern world accepts something as true if the comunity accepts it (if the imam/ the guru/ the family confirms it). There is a joke – someone sees a lovely child in Asia and asks him: do you want this sweetie? and the child: I don’t know, ask my father!
    In Africa and South America people check it by heart. If they ‘feel’ that something is true, then it must be true.
    And I thought that the Western world thinks more in terms of true/ fals. If they understand it with their minds, than it is true. But this must be an old classification, which describes more the Modern period. There are almost 30 yrs now since the term ‘postmodern’ was coinded. We started to filter the truth through our hearts: if I like it, then it is true (at least for me). If it makes me fell uncomfortable, then it’s not true, and I don’t care.
    Indeed, there will always be some space for improving the methods of how we preach Jesus in the open air. But in the end, it’s not about the methods – it’s about the message. Even if I preach about the love and the grace of God, some would still feel embarrased, because the truth is light, but the light exposes covered things. They would still prefer the thicket that is so typical to the postmodernism, where nothing is absolute or certain, where they can hide easely.
    The teaching about hell is a bit too abrupt and uncomfortable, so why bother with it? Let’s go to listen to those musicians… they don’t ask a personal responce…
    There are too many ways through which God talk to a human, and we shouldn’t dare to limit him – you can talk to us, only if you are not angry with us…

    P.S. talking of your surprise about these comments – it’s the artilce’s name that attracts people like me to it. My final impression – it’s a good article.

  10. God gives grace to the humble and the law to the proud. Both are needed. Those Christians who “are against” the 1st group and even “disgusted” by them, are false converts who do not believe in repentance. The very 1st message of Jesus Christ was “Repent!” just as it had been for John the Baptist. Without the BAD NEWS (that we are all sinners before a holy/Jealous/righteous God), the GOOD NEWS (that Christ died on the cross for our sins) is absolute foolishness to those who are perishing. John Wesley and other great preachers of the past have stressed that 90% law and 10% grace should be preached to reach the masses of God-rejecting, self-exalting individuals.
    Don’t forget that one of the primary roles of the Holy Spirit is to “convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment. (John 16:…and in regard to judgment… (John 16:8)
    “I not not known sin but by the law… (Romans 7:7)
    “Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God.” (Romans 3:19)
    Fact: the whole world is guilty before God.
    A sad spiritual fact: Many of today’s wishy-washy lovers of Joel Osteen type preaching christians do not believe their bibles, understand the purpose of the law and focus on God “loving them just as they are”, continuing on in their sins and do not believe in dying to sin and living a life worthy of the gospel. Such things should not be so.
    A. W. Pink “Just as the world was not ready for the New Testament before it received the Old, just as the Jews were not prepared for the ministry of Christ until John the Baptist had gone before Him with his claimant call to repentance, so the unsaved are in no condition today for the Gospel till the Law be applied to their hearts, for ‘by the Law is the knowledge of sin.’ It is a waste of time to sow seed on ground which has never been ploughed or spaded! To present the vicarious sacrifice of Christ to those whose dominant passion is to take fill of sin, is to give that which is holy to the dogs.”
    A. W. Tozer “No one can know the true grace of God who has not first known the fear of God.”

    Charles Spurgeon “I do not believe that any man can preach the gospel who does not preach the Law.” Then he warns, “Lower the Law and you dim the light by which man perceives his guilt; this is a very serious loss to the sinner rather than a gain; for it lessens the likelihood of his conviction and conversion. I say you have deprived the gospel of its ablest auxiliary [its most powerful weapon] when you have set aside the Law. You have taken away from it the schoolmaster that is to bring men to Christ . . . They will never accept grace till they tremble before a just and holy Law. Therefore the Law serves a most necessary purpose, and it must not be removed from its place.”
    “The Law cuts into the core of the evil, it reveals the seat of the malady, and informs us that the leprosy lies deep within.”
    “They must be slain by the law before they can be made alive by the gospel.”
    D. L. Moody “Ask Paul why [the Law] was given. Here is his answer, ‘That every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God’ (Romans 3:19). The Law stops every man’s mouth. I can always tell a man who is near the kingdom of God; his mouth is stopped. This, then, is why God gives us the Law—to show us ourselves in our true colors.”
    “The law can only chase a man to Calvary, no further.”
    “It is a great mistake to give a man who has not been convicted of sin certain passages that were never meant for him. The Law is what he needs … Do not offer the consolation of the gospel until he sees and knows he is guilty before God. We must give enough of the Law to take away all self-righteousness. I pity the man who preaches only one side of the truth, always the gospel and never the Law.” EB – Jos 1:7

  11. I think simply put….

    If we are believers in Jesus we believe and are encouraged by these words and it is great example of how we should react and live daily. The Holy Spirit convicts not us….

    1 Thessalonians 4

    11Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you,

    12so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody. The Coming of the Lord

    13Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope.

    14We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.

    15According to the Lord’s own word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left till the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep.

    16For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.

    17After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.

    18Therefore encourage each other with these words.


  12. Following the example of Jesus? Limiting ourselves to the record of scripture…

    The only time Jesus became angry was in the “church” of his day. The “churches” were buying, selling and making a profit – much like today’s modern churches.

    The only people Jesus condemned were the religious leaders of his day — not the so-called “sinners”.

    Jesus never advocated rebellion of any kind against the oppressive and evil Roman government — follow the law, pay your taxes, live peaceably with all men.

    Jesus was accused of being a party-goer and a drunk — a charge He did not deny — “I go where the sinners are”, He said, unlike the Christian Fundamentalist separatists we have in modern times.

    You be the judge — but as for me, I would say that modern day “American” Christianity (and its representatives) is/are very far removed from any example that Christ set.

  13. Great to stumble onto this blog. Some of the comments have been fascinating. As for me, I like St. Francis of Assisi’s approach, “Preach the gospel at all times, use words if you have to.”
    Not one person is ever going to convert another to Christ. It’s God who does the converting. We can bellow and berate, we can counsel and cajole, but it’s God who does the talking. Not unless and until the individual is ready to hear their call will it happen.
    Certainly, there are things we can do along the way to help make the ground fertile and sow seeds, but it’s the spark of the Holy Spirit that germinates the seed – not us.
    Neither is it for us to judge (she said, in what could be taken as a judgmental statement). We can suggest that people alter their path, but it’s not for us to judge them for the road they’ve traveled, nor for changing course.
    We are called to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We have to love ourselves! When I see people with so much anger and hate and fear inside that they can only see evil in others, it makes me angry. I’m trying to work on that – it should break my heart.

  14. Street preachers were always something I had seen in movies, never in the real world. That all changed, however, during a recent trip to San Antonio (I don’t know what it is about Texas and street preachers). Never have I witnessed someone present the Gospel in such an “angry” way. The street preachers yelling was a massive turn off to me. Was he misrepresenting Jesus? No. There is a time and a place when pleading in a heightened tone is needed. However, Jesus never begged anyone to him. In the end, Christ was all about the quiet revolution of the soul.
    Good post David.

  15. My town has one of those groups. Their sign reads “You are on the HIGHWAY TO HELL” (with the last three words in big fiery letters). They get shouted down by anybody and everybody who walks by, including those of alternate Christian denominations, who they regularly promise fiery brimstone upon. As a non-christian, I can tell y’all, this is *exactly* why Christianity is losing ground in modern society.

    Imagine a Muslim preacher on the corner preaching fire and brimstone to any sinning women who didn’t wear burkas. Or a vegetarian screaming about how you’re promoting animal torture?

    Hell isn’t a very frightening concept to non-believers, as they don’t believe in it. And for that reason, Jesus’ death on the cross isn’t very motivating either. If you want to attract believers, demonstrate the positive points of your religion, the way Buddhists or Baha’i do, rather than relying on fear of the great cosmic ill-tempered bogeyman. As members of a capitalist society we face propaganda everywhere we turn in the form of advertising – do you ever see such abrasive achieve success?

    1. Thanks for this perspective August. I think it’s helpful to hear from those who doesn’t identify as a Christian when it comes to public forms of Christian witness.

  16. David – This an excellent question. However I am concerned with your generalization of ‘street preachers’. In your opening parag., you discuss angry preachers, turn or burn preachers, street preachers and some gospel musicians.

    Then you asked my opinion. Turn or burn preaching is a style of man-made religion that has done more harm than good for hundreds of years. But that isn’t what street preaching is. Granted, some of them do it on the street, but street-preaching takes on all shapes & forms.

    Street preaching is just that- taking it to the streets. Wandering around, seeking lost souls, to show them the love of Christ & educate them about God. It is completely foreign to hell-fire & brimstone preaching, which is highly remeniscent of 1950/60’s southern baptist preaching.

    You really need to keep within proper context the fact that religion is highly imperfect because it is man-made. And you were right, the wrath that Jesus showed was toward the religious of that time.

    Unfortunately, in these days & times, the Church has become very isolated from common people. The ‘christians’ you spoke with were probably indicative of my point. For so many years they preached the inaccurate doom & gloom, ‘you’re just an awful sinner – unlike me, cuz I go to church on sunday’ garbage that did more to alienate those desparately needing to draw closer to God. But this could have been Satan’s paln, all along.

    I have seen in the past, when working with people, that being good examples of what Christ would have shown us to do has been the most effective way to geive people an opportunity to build a personal relationship with God.

    Because you asked, I will tell you, I consider myself a word-based believer & servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, but have difficulty labeling myself a christian due to all the harm that chrstians have done.

    @August Spies Says – I’m ok with you feeling you’re a non-chrsitian, but I hope you have some kind of relationship with God. And try to remember – it’s not a sales pitch – we’re not selling anything. God is able to work on men’s hearts without billboard advertising. The chrsitans need to try & not spoil what God is capable of doing all on his own…

    1. As a Buddhist coming from a western scientific background, I don’t know that I’d define my spirituality as a relationship with God, but I certainly try to include spiritual aspects in my life. Throughout learning about various spiritual perspectives, I find that no matter how far I look into Buddhism I find things which both cause me to think or helps me to deal with the stresses of everyday life. As spiritual paths go, it speaks to me in a way that no others do, and in a way I hope most believers relate to their faiths, whatever they are.

      “God is able to work on men’s hearts without billboard advertising.”
      There is not one traditional culture on Earth without some form of religion or spirituality. Many think we’re hard-wired for it. If that isn’t proof of what you’re suggesting, I don’t know what is.

      I hate to use cliches like “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”, but it’s true. As a vegan I always try to explain it to my more vocal fellow vegans: “remember, nobody’s going to be convinced by your argument if what you’re doing is making them equate ‘vegan’ with ‘big pain in the butt’ – just be easygoing and win them over with your cooking”.

      1. I’m glad to see Buddhism brings you contentment.

        I think the problem with ‘angry preachers or overly-religious people in general, is that they are not approaching people from a place of love, but rather a place of judgement. and no man has the right to judge another.

        But a person should exercise care… while you may catch flies with honey, won’t they be just as turned off to find out your pitch was merely sugar-coated?

        Jesus said ‘And the truth shall set you free’. He also stated that you could move an entire mountain with faith the size of a mustard seed. So, by speaking in truth, in love, not judgement; and having faith that God will reach whomever you speak to; God then is able to work through you to accomplish His will.

        The amazing benefits of a relationship with God don’t need to be dressed up to be sold. In attempting to do so, the church has damaged their ability to do what God instructed, preach the Good Word. It’s not about winning them over. The moment we attempt to ‘win them over’, we stop allowing God to work through us & begin accomplishing on our own. And we can accomplish nothing worthwhile, but through Christ. We must have faith, that acting in love, and in God’s will, He will accomplish all that He needs to.

        Thanks for the chat!!

        PS: I can tell from these other comments, there is limited understanding of what a street preacher really is. It’s kinda sad. Jesus gave us such a perfect example of street preaching when he walked among us… We even have a an excellent how-to book…

  17. I believe the street preacher and the musicians are relevant in today’s society. People want to be sugar coated and pampered and do not want to submit to Christ. Ephesians says and He calls some some to be evangelists and that is what the street preacher is , he is a man called by God to go into the highways and byways and compell men to come. so the street preacher is doing what god has called them to do and people just want to make excuses to stay in sin so they say that they are offended @ the way the street preacher comes across to them. Last but not least the gospel of of Jesus Christ is offensive to those who don’t want to live the way God wants us to live and when the street preacher is out he should come across with love in his and i am sure that he does.

    1. On this I would disagree. I saw the same sign just last week. I, as a Christian, was highly embarrassed at the spectacle. The guy was a maniac in my opinion. I stood there watching him “witness” and watched the reactions of folks passing by. Some were grinning, some put their head down and hurriedly passed by him. Some stood there watching in amazement at the spectacle. He compelled NO ONE to come but in fact, turned people away by his antics and that crazy sign.

      Sure the Gospel of Christ is offensive who don’t want to live the way God wants us to live. I was offended at his antics and I’m a Christian. Imagine what others thought.

      I’ve seen effective street preachers. Have you ever watched Jews for Jesus work the streets? Now that’s what Jesus meant when He said to go into the highways and byways and compel men to come to come.

    2. Gerald – There were a couple of times in the old testament that people did what they felt was God’s will, but they did it their way, without the desire to do it God’s way, and He smote them… just saying…

      People want to be sugar-coated because religion and the church has gotten so far away from doing God’s will, and that has given Satan a foot-hold in so many of our lives. So they show up on Sunday to get their tickets stamped and are clueless to what God truly wants for them or how to build an effective relationship with God. The church wants them to show up every Sunday to gain tithes. (that’s gotta be the reason for the coffee cafe’s, book & gift shops, etc.). I don’t know that adding further injury by screaming at them that they’re going to Hell is what God had in mind.

      Please remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      Satan has certainly infiltrated today’s churches & religions…

      I’m just sayin…

  18. Hi David,

    I think your perspective is spot on. I would also add that the two groups remind me of the good cop/bad cop approach to witnessing. Both are cops; some respond to the bad cop and some to the good cop, so I guess they both play a role in evangelism – lol!


  19. That’s so weird as just last week or so, I saw the same sign. It must be popular. I absolutely cringed when I saw it. I wanted to go over to the guy and hand him a 2 x 4 so he could start hitting people over the head if they didn’t pay attention to his maniacal screaming and his disgusting sign. I also blogged about what I saw.

  20. I have always been very spiritual but not necessarily religious. I went to church as a child and throughout various periods of my life I have gone regularly and as now, not at all, but I enjoy going, when I get in the habit and always try to further my knowledge of all religions because I don’t believe that any one is totally right. In the town I lived in for most of my life we had a street preacher, and even though I believe in God, though question my beliefs at times, I was very offended by the street preacher, it was like being at a carnival and someone trying to get you to take three shots at the goldfish bowls. I felt like he was trying to sell me something. I felt he was doing this more for his own attention, edification than to save souls. He did get notoriety, he was in the newspaper for months with people trying to shut him up. The town reviewed the noise ordinance as some said he was a nuisance. I believe most people avoided walking past this street preacher and crossed the street to avoid him. In view of the reactions of the people was he bringing people to God, or pushing them away? Was he doing it for others, or the attention he was bringing to himself?

  21. I don’t have much appreciation or tolerance for street preachers and agree with the poster directly above me.

    The reaction they elicit, whether genuinely well-meaning or not is not one of love but of judgment (the two not being able to coexist since the latter is grounded in fear.) As if the preaching from the ivory tower trumpeting eternal damnation is not enough, too often their rantings betray the hate that is in them. In my mind, this instantly makes anything they are saying moot and without credibility. People will shut them off instantly because they are not living the message they are trying to spread, they are only betraying it. Not very compelling. If one wants to spread a message one must do so through a humble living of example, love and tolerance; not blind force, judgment, hatred or anger.

    1. I wish you would consider that maybe what you saw was another lost soul arrogantly thinking he was doing the work of God. Please consider not being closed off to street preaching. Remember, Jesus was a street preacher…

      1. I’m not closed off to street preaching – I am closed off to hatred, intolerance and judgment. I don’t care if that comes in the form of a street preacher or a shoe polisher.

        As far as Jesus goes – what most people don’t acknowledge is that Jesus never sought after or wanted followers or a following. He was merely spreading the word to inspire people to action and to become like him. Not to follow him. This is where you fail to see the difference between street preachers and Jesus. Street preachers are generally there for followers or with a self-serving agenda. Jesus came from a pure place and was of a gentle manner. The best ‘preaching’ that can be done is to live by example.

      2. maia – I can appreciate your distaste for hatred, intolerance & judgement. I have done street preaching & have several friends that street preach. I have never looked to gain a following. We don’t frequent certain areas, but rather pray & ask God to lead us to where he wants us to go. It’s kinda hard to build a following that way. I know there are some that do, as their are some that take an angry, judgemental approach & call it God’s work. I was just trying to inform you that not all street preachers are as David described (& I guess many commenters believe).

        You are so right that living by example is a powerful way to reach people…

  22. Thanks David for facilitating this discussion:
    Interestingly, the early Christian church and apostle Paul (who wrote about a third of the New Testament) dealt with this situation during their time. While in prison, Paul heard reports of people preaching the same gospel as his but with varied methods and personal intentions. After declaring that it caused him some pain he wrote this to the Phillipians:

    ” Some, to be sure, are preaching Christ even from envy and strife, but some also from good will; the latter do it out of love, knowing that I am appointed for the defense of the gospel; the former proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition rather than from pure motives, thinking to cause me distress in my imprisonment. What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed; and in this I rejoice. Yes, and I will rejoice.” Philippians 1:15-18

    Ultimately, the most important thing is that Christ is preached to the world. God is forced, by our imperfect natures, to use us as we are. We can only thank Him for providing one standard, balancing factor in the whole equation: The Holy Spirit which, despite our methods or intentions, enters where our words or gestures cannot reach, the human heart and pleads with each one to turn their lives to Jesus.

    Therefore, as one contributor wrote, the loud, rude ravings of one street preacher (and yes, they are not all loud and rude) might just plant a slightly misshapen seed into a passing hearer’s mind, and prepare the way for another gentle Christian to come and gently tend the resultant little plant with a kind Christian gesture or word.

    Therefore, let’s cut these street preachers some slack. We are on the same side of the issue except for that little thing called “method”. My modest suggestion? Whenever I meet a street preacher (whatever his “style”) I listen awhile (if I have some time) then step forward and thank him for the work his doing. If I have any literature that might, in my humble opinion, improve his method or message, I’ll give it to him or bring it with me next time I pass along that way. Having a brief chat gives them some time off and also makes them feel appreciated (even if by just one soul…). If these are not accepted, the next paragraph applies.

    More importantly let’s pray for the street preachers we see/meet out there. We are all sinners. Pray that any sins he might have can be forgiven by the grace of God and in the power of Christ’s blood, and that his eyes will be opened to see anything that may be wrong with his ministry, and that his mind will be opened to new truth from the Bible, and that his heart will be softened to receive Jesus into his own heart. One preacher confessed that he finally, trully received Jesus Christ as his saviour in the middle of his own sermons! These guys have their own spiritual struggles….

    Let’s continue to pray for each other, our preachers, and for our leaders. Amen.

    An aside:
    In one curious instance a disciple of Jesus approached Him with the following question: “Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us. But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me. For he that is not against us is on our part.” Mark 9:38-40
    Just a thought…..

  23. As someone who has recently left the church after having been deeply into mainstream Christianity, I still have to disagree with the idea that a “bad cop” approach is needed. Maybe for a criminal. And maybe God will judge us all after death. And maybe we should fear God, maybe we should fear hell, but when you approach someone to talk to them about sin and hell, shouldn’t it be from a position of humility rather than a position of angry authority and condemnation. If we’re taking the fear approach, should we speak from our fear. Or perhaps it is this fear that motivates people to angry yelling, to belligerence. Perhaps it is this fear that motivates people to try to cover it up by showing that not only are they “not afraid” because they have been “enlightened” but since they have arrived, they now can hand out God’s judgment for him, they now have the power.

    And any time you approach someone for the purposes of spirituality from a position of power, there is injustice. Jesus is clearly the example of approaching from a position of humility. That is the problem with the “bad cop”… or cop at all. Jesus approached with no power of his own. He tried to shed his power, washed feet, spent time with sinners, etc.

    An angry, belligerent street preacher is certainly unchristian, and more certainly cannot encourage a relationship with God, but instead can only encourage a relationship with fear.

    1. Breadtobeeaten – So many people mis-preach ‘fear of God’. In order to correctly preach it, you first have to translate it accurately. Fear of God – yir’ah ‘elohiym. In hebrew it means to be in awe of God, to have a reverance for Him. It shouldn’t be translated to mean to be afraid of God.

      You are so correct in our needing to search our hearts for our motives as we talk with people about God. We need to do so humbly, as a servant. I don’t see the angry preachers taking on the role of a servant. Or submitting their will to God so he can work through them. They are very similar to old testament pharisees, only with poorer grammer and a limited knowledge of the Bible. At least the pharisees knew the law…

      Have a good day…

  24. (correction: I should say that anytime you approach someone for the purposes of spirituality from a position of power, it is hard not to promote your own unjust, or selfish purposes.)

  25. Winning the lost through love. The topic of a new book, “The Cross and the Psychiatrist” Has made a difference in dealing with street people and the psychiatrically disabled. Find The Cross and the Psychiatrist at or google it.

  26. Before confronting the condition of a lost soul we must make sure that, first of all we pray and seek God’s wisdom and guidance as to how we approach someone in order to witness to them. We must also know God’s will by knowing God’s word. We must pray that the Holy Ghost go before us to convict those that are in sin to turn from their wicked ways. Let the Holy Ghost be the strong element here then, as He readies the soul you can speak in a small still voice with Love and God will draw this soul back to himself. So many people in this world have never experienced the emotion of true and lasting Love. Come to Jesus today and ask him to come into your heart and forgive you of your sins and He will save you. John 3:16-18-Romans 3:23-romans 6:23- Romans 10:9

  27. There was a website posted that had very good information on street preaching, I believe it was “Official Street Preachers” you can find it on any search engine if you just type in “Official Street Preachers”

  28. Hey folks, I’m getting in on this coversation late, but here goes. My name is Kyle “Brother Joe Hicks. I direct a Inner City Youth and Street ministry in Detroit. My wife and I are like “Mom & Dad” to a bunch of great kids in Detroit. We directly in volve these kids with us in feeding, clothing homeless folks in the streets by the thousands. We also deal with the “Hard Core” street folks the addicts, hookers, dealers, pimps and “Gangsta’s”. We LOVE the folks that we works with and are ya’ ready for a shock? I’m a Street Preacher too!
    We take groups of the teens and kids that we work with to preach to the Bikers in Sturgis S.D. & Daytona Fl. And the Bikers love them!

    I’m shocked at how the is even a “contrast” between those “Terrible”??? Street Preachers that some of you folks have been chiding on and the “Gospel Singers.”…Uh playin’ for the same team are n’t they?

    Here are a few hints for everone.
    I. No one ever gets SAVED intil they get LOST.
    Galatians 2:24 “Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” There has to be conviction of sin before anyone ever gets saved, years ago old Lester Roloff said, “The greater the conviction the greater the conversion.”

    II. Every crowd and group is different the message is the same but the delivery… I do not have to spend any time trying to convince the folks on the street that they are sinners… They know it and will thell you that. If I saw a senoir citizen ladies Garden Party group walking past me as I was street preaching I would not BLAST them with the same kind of preaching that I would IF a group of thethe Hells Angels rode up on the corner. And some of you who have NEVER Street Preached and who have all these opinions would not know that IF you tryied all your “Nicey Nice” stuff with a Hells Angel in S.D. or an Outlaw in Daytona, They would think that you are just exactly what most of them you are, A sissy, a weenie, a wuss and a “patsy”. Now I know you THINK I’m a “meanie” but they have more respect for the girls in my youth “Street Preaching group” than they do the average “Suit” pastoring the “Average Luke Warm Laodicean American Church. TRUST ME THEY HAVE TOLD ME SO.

    Jude vs 22-23 “And some having COMPASSION making a difference: 23. And others save with FEAR, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh
    Well there is nothing like the Bible to shut us all up huh? Some save with COMPASSION others with FEAR… So why not have BOTH? I’m a Street Preacher with as much compassion as any of my critics and I still have the guts to Lift up the Trumpet!
    Ezekiel 33:8 “When I say unto the wicked O wicked man thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not SPEAK to WARN that wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; BUT HIS BLOOD WILL I REQUIRE AT THY HAND.”
    What is YOUR motive to win the lost? Compassion? GOOD! Fear? Good go for it. But please don’t show up at the Judgement Seat of Chrsit with the blood of the lost on your hands!!!

    Well again folks, Nothing like a little BIBLE to dispel myths and reveal to us what bothers us. One gal responded to a gal who was unknowlingly herself JUDGING the judgemental and HATING the “haters”. All of our sinful natures even as saved folks can’t stand that Prophet that “Steet Preacher” like the one in the verse above! In fact the preacher at the Lalapalooza concert HATES the two young men ya’ll are raging on for just those same reasons: 1. Rebuking folks in the gate. 2. Speaking uprightly. That would be the word of God! So all you “HATERS” who condemn “Hating” hate away!
    Concearning “Judgement”- Every drunk in America knows one verse Matthew 7:1 “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Funny that NO ONE ever takes it all the way down to verse 5 do they? DID YOU KNOW?
    #1. I Corinthians 6:2 “Do ye not know that the saints SHALL JUDGE the world?”…
    #2. I Corinthians 6:2 “Know ye NOT that WE shall JUDGE ANGELS?…
    #3. I Corinthians 5:12 “For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?” This was written concerning sexual sins in the Church. Check out what Paul said to do with a fornicator in the Church in I Corinthians 5:5 WHOA!
    #4. I Corinthians 2:15 But he that is spiritual JUDGETH ALL THINGS, yet he is judged of no man.” And to you unsaved folks throwing you two cents in, You need to read I Corinthians 2:14 You don’t “get it” and you can’t either. Now don’t you DARE get mad at me about the verses above I did not write it, It’s God’s word and don’t say that’s just MY interpretation because I didn’t give you MY interpretation or thoughts on these verses! I just asked you did you know these things. And by what I have been reading many of your preachers have not mentioned these things!
    Funny is n’t it that the “Tolerant” folks get so Intolerant of Street Preachers “Intolerance”. HA! And people get all “Hatin'” on those they accuse of “Hating” And boy oh boy you sure can Judge those mean old judgemental folks can’t you??? I will not accuse you of HYPOCRISY like you have broad brushed evry Street Preacher for as one woman put it done more harm than good for the last few hundred years! But you might wato make sure you r’e not Hatin’, Judgin’ and being intolerant there your selves!!!
    Sorry this is so long (not really just being “nice”.) But a real good Church History Lesson would do American Ladicean Christians alot of good in our “post Modern/ “post Cristian nation. Befor the American Revolution England was in deep spiritual darkeness then God saved and called two young men to be “Street Preachers.” One was George Whitfield a chubby powdered wig wearing Calvinist and John Wesley the skinny little “runt” of his mother’s children, Who was Armenian in Doctrine. Began preaching to the coalminers or “Coilers” as they were called. Who were notorious drunkards, thieves, killers, gamblers, whoremongers and sodomites… you know like many Americans.
    After seeing a group walking down into the mines black hole these timid, shy, meek young men began to preach to these hardened sinners. They preached BOTH the LAW for coviction and the LOVE needed for salvation. Wesley said that their faces black with coal dust soon had white streaks running down their cheeks as scalding hot tears of repentance and brokeness flowed down and these men werte saved. All to soon Whitfield & Wesley and their converts Street Preachers reffered to as “Enthusiasts” were kicked out of every Anglican Pulpit in London. So off to the Strret Corners they went where multiplied thousands were saved. And thus began a Revival the swept first England and then it came to America and this is known as the “GREAT AWAKENING”. Thousands and thousands were saved on both sides of “The Pond” and the Methodist Church was born. MEAN OLD STREET PREACHERS!
    Years later many Methodists began to clam up and God called yet another skinny English man by the name of William Booth and his wonderful militant wife Katherine. They began to Street Preach the gosple in the slums of London. It was said of the Booths they turned every curb in London into a “Mourners Bench” and again people began to get saved BY THE THOUSANDS. Kicked out of the Old Methodist Annex the Booths started the SALVATION ARMY! Mean Old Street Preachers!
    To think that anyone would think that all this was doing more harm than good for hundreds of years is UNREAL! Bars were closed, drunkards and opium addicts were saved and got sober, families were restored, Houses of prostituion were shut down and the teenaged prostitues in London were set free from white slavery!!! More harm than good? Are we all from the same planet??? The very idea of a “Rescue Mission” came from that mean old Street Preacher William Booth & his wonderful wife Katherine.
    The great Missionary movement and the British and American Mission Societies also sprang up from the Great Awakeneing, where Hudson Taylor, Adeniah Judson and thousands of others went to China, Africa, India, all the Americas. And this did more harm than good? Really? Only in Hell! There have been MILLIONS saved since that time as the remaining fruit of those MEAN OLD STREET PREACHERS!
    Granted as a Street Preacher myself I’ve met SOME street preachers who are jerks. But not most of them by a long shot. I might have just as much grace as you, and I can Hell Fire and Brimstone with the best IF and When needed. But good Lord folks we as Christians are supposed to be on the same side and out there winning the lost.
    But I guess this just proves AMOS 5:10 “They HATETH him that rebuketh in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly.”
    The Lord Jesus Christ did two major things in His Street Preaching. He comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comforted.
    Jeremiah & Hosea known as the Weeping prophets they preached with brokeness and tears. Isaiah was elloquant, Ezekiel was “Weird” and his preaching was like a Carnival side show. Jonah was the epitomy of a “HATER” he HATED the Assyrians in Ninevah and ran from his call like a Jew would run from preaching as a Street Preacher to Hitler and the Nazi’s. And this HATER preached the greater revival than you or i will ever preach. Noah preached 120 years and the only “Converts” were his family. John the BAPTIST was the Lord Jesus Christ cousin, and the epitomy of a mean Street Preacher, many of you folks would have HATED him, but the Lord called him the Greatest man man ever born to women. And even though John the BAPTIST was a “Meanie” Street Preacher, When people that heard the Lord Jesus Christ Street Preaching (after John lost his head for calling Herod & Herodius a couple of Law breaking aduterous whoremongers) People that heard Jesus preach thought that He was John the BAPTIST raised from the dead! Huh, I wonder IF Jesus ever Street Preached like that old “meanie” John the Baptist??? Sure seems that way does n’t it?
    So to all you “meanies” have some Laffy Taffy and cheer up a bit when you Street Preach, but what ever you do PLEASE DON’T QUIT STREET PREACHING, until like John the BAPTIST they cut your head off, or like the Lord Jesus Christ they falsey accuse you and crucify you!
    And to the preacher who started this whole thing and who was so two young very offened by the Street Preachers. Remember what David wrote in Psalm 119:165 GREAT PEACE HAVE THEY WHICH LOVE THY LAW AND NOTHING SHALL OFFEND THEM.”
    P.S. I’m so very excited to see all they kids & teenagers joining the Street Preaching ranks everywhere I go. Like one Biker said at Biketoberfest in Daytona a few months ago…” I’ve never seen so many Bible Thumpers in one place in all my life!” GLORY TO THE LANB!

    1. @Kyle Joe – I don’t know where to start… First, praise God for you & your wife, Lisa! I perused your website & was excited to see all that you both do in the name of Jesus. I am humbled by the life-long dedication & focus you have – your love of the Lord must be great, indeed. I will continually pray for you, your wife, all your ‘kids’ and the lost you encounter. Thank you!!

  29. Miss A. Veronica, Your so kind, Sorry for all the “TYPE-O’S” I was watching my nephew, while cooking 120 hot dogs for the streets last night and writing that dictionary length article. I thought to my self, “Remember to proof read.” Just before I submitted the fool thing. When I re-read it AFTER sending it, (DUH!) I found some real hum dingers that makes me sound like evn more of a doofus than normal. HA!
    The Lord has been SO good to me, there is no way in the world that I should be alive after all the situations that I gotten my self into on the mean streets of Detroit while chasing the Devil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is good and we do not give Him what He really deserves even when we give our best. I heard an old Texas Cowboy Preacher named Jack Woods, who was an ex-Heroin addict, that got saved in a rescue mission in San Diego say. “WE oughta’ be in Hell with a broken neck so I could n’t even squirm as we burn.” WOW!!! And then to think that God loved us so He sent the Lord Jesus Christ to save a wretch like me??? Yeah I’ll gladly live for Him and bear His reproach, BECAUSE HE BORE MINE! God Bless you all, the two Street Preachers and the two Gospel Musicians. And I pray the Lord does help us, and covicts us all WE NEED IT! I’ll spell it right this time. HA!… GLORY TO THE LAMB! For the Streets Kyle “Brother Joe” Hicks

    1. Thanks for the continued comments on this post. The amount of comments here spurred a great email interview with a street preacher in Ireland. I’ll link to that interview once it is posted.

  30. Bye the way, Has anyone noticed that in most evangelistic Churches you have the preaching and then singing as they give an “Altar call?” The day in question in Chicago the Street Preachers were breaking up the fallow ground trying to get some “Fruit from the ground” and then SOMEONE…Uh, perhaps the Lord??? “Just so happens” Ya know? HA! to have Gospel Musicians singing some song about “Trusting the Lord”. Can anyone besides me see the Lord Jesus Christ at work here??? Sounds to me like what we call “Street Church.”
    Again I submit there really sould be no “CONTRAST” in “STYLES” because these young men may be different in many areas and approach, but God used a “Hater” like Jonah loving teary eyed preachers like Hosea & Jeremiah and a Temple singer/ muscian (who was a Street Preacher/Prophet ) like Habbakuk. In our street ministry we preach and sing. Some places we preach the love of God to the broken street folks, Ya know the “DOWN AND OUT”. But we preach the coming judgement and the Law to the “UP AND OUT!” What ever your “STYLE” is Sick em’ boys, tell the lost world of the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Haters, Lovers and Singers take it outside the “Rooms” as John Wesley called it, being the 4 walls of the church buildings and get it out into the open air like the Lord Jesus Christ did!!! Sick em!!!
    Here is a BIG OLD QUESTION!!! What would you want someone to do to keep you out of HELL? To what extreme would you want folks to go to get you into heaven??? Then DO that! I took several of the kids from our ministry out in 19 degree weather last night 12/28/09 after a revival meeting that we went to, and feed Taco Bell to a bunch of homeless men and women at Hart Plaza on Detroit’s Riverfront. EXTREME??? You bet but those folks know we love them and they will listen to our message. And God forbid I’m one of those terrible Street Preachers that some folks seem so angry at. (Funny some of you folks are ANGRY at folks you call ANGRY PREACHERS, so just what kind of Luke warm “Church culture’ did you get spewed from??? Revelation 3:16) Don’t worry I won’t accuse you of “Hypocrisy” because I would not want you to think I’m being “judgemental” about the two young men that your being “judgemental” of, because you think their so “judgmental”! HA! Who knows maybe Bible man & Blow Horn boy or what ever they were called, You know the two that author/pastor wanted to hit…(ANGRY PREACHERS? Yeah Buddy) Maybe God will use Bible Man & Blow Horn Boy to be the next Wesley or Whitfield??? That would tie some folks undies in a not would n’t it??? HA!, “TRUTH IS ONLY “HATE” TO THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH!”
    I hope to God that the Lord would use a Bird Brain like me to be the next William Booth or Lester Roloff. God please save us from wasting our lives on ourselves, and all the toys and trinkets of this old stinkin’ world while the lost all around stagger off into Hell with no one to warn them.
    Well Ya’ll go For God! Glory to the LAMB!!!
    For the Streets,
    Kyle Joe Hicks
    Acts 16:31

  31. Hey folks me again, I do not know if this discussion is over or just played out but… DID YOU know this:
    In 1775 in a the city of Culpepper, Virginia a young then unknown Lawyer named Patrick Henry was riding into town on horse back when he saw a young man tied to a pole being whipped in the city square. When Patrick Henry asked what terrible crime had this young man done that he was being horse whipped so savagely. He was told that the young man was being whipped for the CRIME of PREACHING ON THE STREETS WITHOUT A LISCENSE. Patrick Henry was out raged, and was even prepared to take legal action on behalf of the young man…But ALAS the young STREET PREACHER died in the towns prison from a fever due to the infections he received due to the beating from the whip.
    Further outraged that on a rainy night in an office in a church bell tower Patrick Henry wrote these words because of the death of this young BAPTIST STREET PREACHER; “Is life so sweet or peace so dear that it must be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God, I know not what course other men may take. But AS FOR ME, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!”
    The Freedom of Religion that you enjoy today came at a high and BLOODY price. Our fore- fathers left the old world to get out from under the heel of the Roman, Anglican, and even some of the Protestant State Churches. The “Protestants” began to set up State Churches that even ran the national governments & kings as the Roman Church had done. Your Religious Freedom and Your Right to Free Speech are so intertwined with that one young STREET PREACHER literally beaten to death and the “AGGRIVATED” young Patriot Lawyer who would have also gave up his life as to not be silenced. And who beat this young BAPTIST STREET PREACHER to death? The “Protestant CLERGY” of the that Colonies State Church! “The Reverends” as Saul of Tarsus held the coats of the men who whipped this young BAPTIST Street Preachers hide off of him so severely he was to die from it… In the Name of Jesus they killed this Saved BAPTIST Street Preacher? Hope they really felt Justified, huh?
    So what do you in this brand new year of 2010 owe those mean old Street Preachers from Colonial America? Just your Free Speech and Freedom of Religion as well as the very abused Free Press. So next time any of you feel so very OFFENEDED by a big mouth Street Preacher, Just take the time to thank the Lord, (And your Country’s Heritage) for the freedoms that you ENJOY that you did not pay for that young Baptist Street Preacher in Culpepper Virginia paid for it for YOU with his life. And instead of wanting to “PUNCH” them pastors, Maybe you might want to go up and just say, “Thanks” for them practicing both Free Speech & Free Religion, as well as trying to be salt & light and at least trying to Rescue the Perishing. And when unsaved folks react hatefully to “Nice” or rough preaching remember John 3:19-20 their Deeds are being reproved and they in fact HATE the light!
    The Gospel Musicians and the Street Preachers really are playing for the same team and have the same “Captain of their Salvation” the Lord Jesus Christ. If your saved rather you choose the more politically correct nice guy approach or the gutsy way we Street Preachers do TELL SOME BODY HELLS HOT- HEAVENS WONDERFUL AND JESUS SAVES!!! Don’t quit SICK EM’. Next time you go out think of the young Baptist Street Preacher who gave his all, and Patrick Henry who protested the Young Street Preachers death and be GUTSY whether you Nicey nice or blunt and bold! WARN the lost LOVE the lost and THANK GOD FOR YOUR FREEDOMS HERE IN THE U.S.A. You can’t Street Preach like this in China. Freedom of Religion, Use it or loose it!

  32. Brother Kyle – it is not played out for me. I am totally stoked out again by your weath of information and obvious love for our Lord.

    Whipped to death for street preaching… I think we forget the kind of people our founding fathers were. Bold & steadfast in their understanding of God’s hand in any prosperity we might hope to acheive. We are sorely lacking enough people like that in America today.

    I have to tell you I was strongly moved by your statement in an earlier comment about appearing before God with the blood of lost souls on my hands. That statement convicted me and brought me to my knees. I shared it with my husband. We have recommitted ourselves to finding God’s specific purpose on our lives. Through prayer He has requested we get back to the duty of Spreading the Good News. We are heading back out to connect with the lost and share the beautiful saving grace of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Once again a servant of Christ Jesus, I know 2010 is going to be an excellent year! We have no idea what God has in store for us, but we will walk boldly- like Paul – like you, Brother Kyle, and do God’s will.

    Thank you and may God bless you, your wife & your ministry every single day!!

  33. I thank God for “angry” street preachers in this laodecian age of emergent seeker senstivism. The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom, knowledge, and means by which men depart from their iniquity according to the Bible everbeliever here claims to uphold. Yet so many here have never feared God (and David says this is because they flatter themselves to much to detect or hate their sin). Those who see their sin as being exceedingly sinful, and understand that they deserve to spend eternity in the lake of fire (I doubt many of the “christians” here truly believe that), will surely see the great worthe of God crushing and bruising His perfect son in the place of all those who will call on His name in truth. This will produce tear filled converts, NOT fear filled converts as some her have suggested. Again though, the uncoverted man should fear God, he must turn or he will burn. Id you do not believe that then please stop calling yourself a “christian”. That is like a man who eats hamburgers all day calling himself a vegetarian.

    Do not be duped by this “church” age. Your sin will damn you if you are not truly born again and given a new nature through faith in Christ. Behold Him in all of His glory.


  34. In the story of the rich man and Lazurus in Luke Chapter 16 they both looked across the abyss and saw what they missed. I could do without hell thats for sure. I put enough people through it when I was a sinner but in some of the Saints I saw the true Love of Jesus Christ through the drawing power of the Holy Ghost and I came to the saving knowlege of Jesus Christ and now I know that I know that I’m saved sanctified and set free.

  35. Hey folks Bro. Kyle Joe Hicks again, Again thanks Sis A Veronica you are very kind. Now AGAIN let me assert in the midst of this “Angry” Street Preachers being “CONTRASTED” to the Gospel Musicians. We’re supposed to be playing for the same team. And all the nice guys & gals that write in pass judgement on those that they say are being “JUDGEMENTAL” as if you really understand others true heart felt motives. (?)
    I have heard preachers use the illustration of a man who in the deep south drove into a river one dark night because the bridge washed out on the road he was driving. He almost drowned in his car, but escaped the sinking car, swam to shore, crawled the steep rivers bank then stood in the middle of the road TRYING his best to STOP OTHERS from driving off into the river and drowning. Cars swerved around him because he looked like a drunken maniac, with muddy clothes and messed up hair. He screamed, cried, tried to physically stop cars waving his arms and yelling at the top of his lungs, (Ya know like a Street Preacher) all TRYING to stop people from their certain deaths!!!
    Some folks drove into the river fearing this man, some laughed yelled get out of the way you drunk! Others accelerated past him driving to their own destruction NOT BELIEVING WHAT THEY CLEARLY HEARD HIM SCREAMING TO THEM! And all who did n’t listen.
    Finally a man and woman stopped and listened, they pulled their car sideways blocking the road so that no one else could plunge to their deaths.
    So hears the question??????? Who is the “NICE GUY/GAL” here? The man who swam to shore screaming like a maniac, telling people that they were gonna die and doing everything he could to try to SAVE these folks – OR – Was it the “Nice” man and woman who stopped and helped by blocking the road to destruction? WHO IS THE NICE GUY HERE??? Unless your more of a bird brain than me, Even I would say BOTH are “NICE GUYS” Who do you think was showing the most the “true LOVE”? One thing is for sure the Dude that had already taken the plunge in the water REALLY knew what the people had to lose!!! And here is where so many of you “NICE” folks miss it. THE TONE OF THE MANS VOICE MEANT NOTHING BAD!” Because he screamed and yelled at them does that mean HE HATED THEM??? DUH? NO! HE WAS WARNING THEM!!!
    I read a story where some of the Nazi concentration camp prisoners tried to warn other Jews that they were about to DIE in a gas chamber building that the Nazi’s had told them was a shower facility. The people did not believe their message because they were so relaxed and sedate, They could not yell and scream because the guards would have heard them and killed them. Again people laughed it off and walked right into the gas chambers… THEY DID N’T BELIEVE THEIR NICE TONE OF VOICE.
    SO… Who is right the meanies or the weenies???
    JUDE 22-23 “Some having COMPASSION making a difference: 23 And others SAVE with FEAR, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garments spotted by the flesh.”
    WELL… SOME do this…Compassion Others do it with FEAR… but both try to get people saved. Don’t they.
    In our street and youth ministry we do BOTH! We try to preach like Jesus did… He comforted the afflicted and Afflicted the comforted. He preached law (Judgement) to the lawless & the self righteous AND preached COMPASSION (Grace & Mercy) to the broken.
    How ever you tell folks about the Lord Jesus Christ! Just TELL them!

    Meanies cheer up, Weenies man up!

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