What should I do in Colorado?

Today I leave for 10 days in Colorado.  I should be excited, but the idea of leaving family behind and returning  just seven days before our church plant’s first preview service had dampened my enthusiasm.  Even so, 10 days in Colorado is nothing to sneeze at so I’m doing my best to be grateful.

Having never been to Colorado I’m curious what I should see or do should I stumble upon some free time. For the first few nights I’ll be taking a class at Glen Eyrie (a castle!) outside of Colorado Springs.  On Sunday I return to Denver for the Evangelical Covenant Church’s annual MidWinter conference.

So, if I find myself with a free evening or afternoon is there anything I shouldn’t miss?

Also, any chance there are some Signs of Life readers who will be attending MidWinter next week?

6 thoughts on “What should I do in Colorado?

  1. The best thing you could do with some free time IMO, is get out into nature. Garden of the Gods park is nearby, which is pretty I’ve heard. Pikes Peak is not far from Colo Springs, and would def be worth a drive, although it’s probably snowed and not hikeable at this time of year, what with the short daylight hours and all. But seriously, get some time in nature.

    In Denver, I’d suggest going to the REI flagship store. Cheesy, but awesome.

    That’s all I got. I’ve only been to CO once, and that was for a short ski trip with a friend in college. So I really haven’t ‘seen the sights’ in CO myself.

  2. David,
    How about calling Ann and Larry in CS, They’ve showed us the Garden of the Gods, and also we saw the Castle. It’s unbelievable.!I could send you their no.) There is also some historic sites of a General somebody who lived there. Ann should be off work for the week now.There is a nearby mining town that is interesting. In Denver there is Molly Brown’s house, with some info about the Titanic as well, the Mint, and the Capitol building. -well, maybe not.
    Enjoy your stay. We’re looking forward to next week.

  3. David,

    I had several classes downtown CO springs over the last 5-7 years. I always enjoyed walking from downtown (and the shops along the park) out to the campus of Colorado College – even in winter! Beautiful place, some cool things to do, and some massive, old, spectacular houses along the way. I used to dream about what it would be like to live in one of them with all my friends …

    and glad to see you make it to Garden of the Gods. amazing place.

  4. The Denver Natural History museum has one of the finest rock and mineral collections I have seen (and i have made it a point to see as many as possible) and some outstanding dionsaurs. But maybe you meant something that most people wouldn’t find boaring.

    I agree with Andy that downtown Denver is a really fun walkable place. I would say ‘walking around downton’ is the ‘can’t miss thing to do.’

  5. I’m jealous. I love Glen Eyrie. I hope you see Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep that come down to the Glen occasionally.

    You’ve seen the Air Force Academy. Nice and really modern, in every sense of that word.

    And if you can get to the U.S. Olympic Training Center, that’s worth a quick tour, especially with Vancouver starting in just a couple weeks.

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