We are the church.

It’s been over a week since our first preview service as New Community Covenant Church in Bronzeville and I can’t think of a better photo to capture the essence of that service.  (You should know that there were 15 more kids in this room!)

Since I wasn’t preaching, I had the ability to see almost everything that happened in the time before, during and after the service.  “We are the church” isn’t just a nice-sounding theme for our children’s ministry; it has been the reality of our church thus far.  I got to watch our team set up the elementary school auditorium, prepare the kids classroom, get ready to welcome our many (!) visitors, and gather to pray together before the service began.  During the service I watched our worship team to a wonderful job leading this eclectic collection of people in worship.  It was a privileged to listen as Michelle preached about the cause of Jesus; Michelle was a part of the team that launched New Community in Logan Square a number of years ago.  And after the service I got to eavesdrop as visitors were greeted and members of the team expressed gratitude and amazement at what God is doing.

Our next preview service is coming up on Sunday, February 28 at 11:30.  You can find more information and directions on our new website.

2 thoughts on “We are the church.

  1. Truly there was an excitement in the air that is contagious! I was glad to be a part of the first preview service and plan to return.

  2. It was WONDERFUL! And I agree with the symbolism and message of this photo! Maybe it should become the cover of our bulletin? CAN NOT WAIT for the 28th!

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