Vegetable and Herb Garden

I know that a few of you have been working over the past few weeks to get your garden in the ground.  Since this is our first summer in our new home in Hyde Park we’re taking a bit of a risk that our little back area will get enough sun for the tomatoes and other veggies we planted a few weeks ago.  We’re also taking a chance that the local raccoon has plenty of other ways to fill his belly.

Here’s a quick video of what the garden is looking like thus far.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Those of you with gardens, any tips to keep the raccoons and squirrels away?

4 thoughts on “Vegetable and Herb Garden

  1. Sprinkle red pepper flakes around the perimeter of your garden. Supposedly animals don’t like the smell.

  2. Buy a bb-gun. Pump it a lot. Even if it doesn’t kill your pesky animals, it will sure keep em away…

    Or, you could alternately use have-a-heart traps. Although that becomes dicey if/when you catch a skunk…

  3. I have been generally successful with raised beds and a fences made of chicken wire. My biggest pests are rabbits, though. Coons generally find other things to eat and the squirrels have only messed with my tomatoes a few times.

    I have also heard that providing a tasty alternative to your garden can be helpful (not sure what that looks like in your situation – maybe secretly opening the garbage at a neighbors for the coons to eat. . ). The idea is to plant something rabbits, etc. like that is accessible to them and that you do not care if they eat. They fill up on their garden instead of yours =)

    1. Good thoughts Jeff, though I don’t think the raccoons need my help opening the neighbor’s garbage cans. They do just fine on their own.

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