July Tomatoes

Our small vegetable and herb garden is coming in nicely.  Tomatoes and green beans are just now making their appearances; basil, mint and the other herbs are heavily featured in our recipes.

Any other amateur gardeners enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labors?

6 thoughts on “July Tomatoes

  1. We enjoyed spinach early in June. Beets and carrots just harvested the other day. Zach loves snap peas and has been harvesting those for several weeks. Looking forward to sweet corn and zucchini later on and hopefully some canteloupe and pumpkins too

  2. Zucchini just started coming in yesterday. Something new this year is hot banana peppers, tasty. And, I can’t give my cucumbers away fast enough!

    1. You guys are doing great. Us suburbanites have a bit more room to work with =)

      I am actually amazed at the volume of things I can grow in 4×5 raised beds.

  3. Beans, peas, raspberries, cilantro (although that’s literally gone to seed now), basil, eggplant, and zucchini. We’ve gotten a few tomatoes, but they’re mostly still green. The peppers are still coming along. You guys gotta come out and see our cute little garden! Marissa’s totally in love with it.

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