Down with the Homogeneous Unit Principal?

My latest article for Out of Ur was posted earlier today.  In it I try to make the case that we need more churches willing to take seriously the reconciling nature of the gospel.  This, I believe, ought to be reflected not just in our preaching and teaching but in our methods and strategies as well.

A lot of energy is currently being expended debating which church models are most Biblical. House or mega? Plant or second site? Video or campus pastor? These may be important questions, but any model that fails to take seriously the reconciliation envisioned by Paul will also fail to fully communicate the Gospel message with power.

The entire article can be read at Out of Ur and I’m curious whether folks think I’m stating things simplistically and idealistically or whether I’m on to something.

3 thoughts on “Down with the Homogeneous Unit Principal?

  1. I thought this was very well thought-out, reasoned, and written. Thank you for taking the time to present these important thoughts. Knowing what else is on your plate these days, this week–I am amazed!

  2. Dude. Amen and Hallelujah. The HUP is a pseudo-sociology that points out what is, rather than what should be. I don’t see anywhere in Jesus’ ministry where he called people to view the kingdom of God in terms of how the world and its people tend to be, rather than what He calls us to. Not all churches are going to be physically integrated; not all can. Not all churches are going to be diverse in every way (class, race, culture, etc.) But every church should be talking, wrestling, thinking, and concerned with making their fellowship not just “welcoming” (as in, “you’re welcome to come here if you want to do what we’re doing”) but welcoming as in, “We will do everything we can, and sacrifice our preferences, to make you see the beauty of the Gospel.” Any church that isn’t seriously, continuously and intentionally having these conversation is preaching an anemic and watered down gospel.

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