Bits and Pieces

It’s been a long week with little time to blog, but I wanted to jot down a few things that have been happening and are coming up.

  • I’m spending today at a camp somewhere in Michigan with the  University of Chicago’s Asian-American and Multi-ethnic IVCF chapters.  They’ve asked me to speak three times on the themes of Gospel and mission.  My theme throughout the three talks goes some like this: Having been enslaved by impostor kings, the King of kings rescues us by his victory over evil on the cross and resurrects us into life within his kingdom where our lives witness to the King’s reconciling work in the world.
  • Next week I’m participating in the Sankofa Journey, a three-day bus trip through the South to visit significant Civil Rights monuments.  Sankofa is a ministry of the denomination I’m a part of and is led by my spiritual director, someone I highly respect and trust enough to agree to a three-day bus trip!  Each participant is paired with someone of a different race and I’m thankful to be making this trip with Jon White, our church’s music director.
  • One of the recommended films to prepare for Sankofa is Spike Lee’s When The Levees Broke.  It’s less a movie than a mini-series and the first-person interviews provide a perspective about New Orleans both before and after Katrina that is incredibly sobering.  Has anyone seen this?
  • A couple of weeks ago two of our church leaders and I spent a few days in Boston with a church planters from around the country for a training event.  It was great to catch up with friends who are leading some fantastic churches.  That is Pastor Josef Rasheed of Crossroads Covenant Church in Texas in the back.  In the front is Pastor Michael Carrion of Promised Land Covenant Church in the Bronx.  This man has been a huge encouragement to me and I can’t wait to visit his church one of these days.

My day off doesn’t come till Monday, but to those of you with a more normal schedule I hope you have a productive and restful weekend.

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