I’m on the record with my opinion that our country needs comprehensive immigration reform, something I’ve written about from different angles.  There doesn’t seem to be any political will in Washington to seriously consider reform in the near future.  However, this coming week there is legislation before the Senate and the House called the DREAM Act and, from my vantage point, it is an important step towards a more just immigration policy.

If you’re unaware, the DREAM Act provides a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants who entered the country as children, have lived in the country for at least five years, have graduated from high school and have “good moral character.”

While the DREAM Act has been supported by a wide range of leaders and organizations of all political and ideological stripes, there remains a vocal group of folks who are strongly opposed.  Some of this opposition is being expressed in information and talking points which appears- to me- to be purposefully misleading.  The Immigration Policy Center has provided a helpful FAQ section about the upcoming legislation that dispels much of this misinformation.  You may also want to read Matthew Soerens’ brief theological reflection on why he thinks the DREAM Act makes good Christians sense.

As a pastor I’m hesitant to wade too specifically into political matters; I’m aware of the huge diversity of political opinions within my Christian family.  However, on occasion I’m compelled by conviction and belief to point towards issues I believe deserve good theological thinking, compassionate conversations, and- finally- action.

If you’ve not already done so, would you consider doing two things this weekend? Doing a bit of research about the DREAM Act… and listening to the cable news talking heads doesn’t count!  Also, calling your congress person and representative if you think this legislation ought to be a priority.

I know this blog’s readers come from a variety of political perspectives and I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the DREAM Act.

6 thoughts on “DREAM Act

  1. DREAM Act – YES, definitely. As someone who works with many undocumented families, I know first-hand that there are oodles of gifted and talented young future leaders out there who could realize their dreams (and make a positive impact on society along the way) if given this opportunity. Thanks for taking a stand and raising awareness!

  2. The DREAM Act is a good step in the right direction. Comprehensive reform, I fear, is years in the making. However, something needs to be done. While some opposition fears that this will “force” kids into the military or unload college salaries on society, the DREAM Act, rather, provides a path for children who had no choice to come here and then are imprisoned by the lack of options available to them once they finish high school.

  3. California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a bill giving illegal immigrant college students access to state-funded financial aid, the second half of two-part legislation known as the “Dream Act.”

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