Weekend Reading [Viewing]

I ended up bookmarking a few more videos than articles this week, so this edition of Weekend Reading is actually all viewing.  Enjoy.

  • Alan Hirsch describes the importance of connecting incarnational and missional theology.  Your baptism is your commission.
  • Two longish videos (part one and part two) from Desiring God featuring an interview with Tim Keller.  The interview spends a bit of time on Keller’s new book, but covers a lot of additional ground.
  • The folks at UnDocumented.tv have released their first short documentary, A New Dream.
  • And finally, I could have watched the Revered Samuel Rodriguez’s six minute sermon from Ebeneezer Baptist Church over and over again.  I believe that the devil knows that if the black and brown come together in America we will turn this nation upside down for the glory of God!

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