Weekend Reading

Four articles for your enjoyment this weekend.

  • We eat well in the Swanson home; ingredients- where they come from and how we prepare them- are regular conversation topics.  An article in The Atlantic makes the case that our foodie disposition may lean towards gluttony if we’re not careful.  In fact the Catholic Church’s criticism has always been directed against an inordinate preoccupation with food—against foodie-ism, in other words—which we encounter as often among thin people as among fat ones.
  • Brandon O’Brien knows what he’s talking about when he offers advice to aspiring writers. The same proposal or query will fair differently in front of different editors or editorial boards. The issue isn’t, first and foremost, whether it’s good; the issue is does it fit?
  • The article’s title says it all: “Home Mortgages to Minorities Plummet by 62 Percent.”
  • This short New York Times article references a number of important repercussions of the demographic shifts happening in America.  The growing divide between a diverse young population and an aging white population raises some potentially tricky policy questions. Will older whites be willing to allocate money to educate a younger generation that looks less like their own children than ever before? How will a diverse young generation handle growing needs for aging whites?

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