Upcoming Church & Immigration Events

I received emails from two different friends today about some upcoming opportunities to explore how our churches can thoughtfully and effectively engage the important issue of immigration reform.

On March 1 Wheaton College is hosting Dr Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, who will speaking about A Moral and Just Response to the Immigration Crisis.” Dr Land has repeatedly put to rest any notion that immigration reform is a liberal-only agenda.

From March 4-5 World Relief’s Mission On Your Doorstep Conference in West Chicago will focus on “inspiring and equipping the local church to welcome the stranger and embrace those on the margins.”  The conference features some experienced practitioners who will be speaking on a variety of topics including, The Suburban Poor: Causes & Issues; Cross Cultural Friendships; Realities of Global Korean Diaspora Churches and Their Mission.  I really appreciate that this conference will take place in the suburbs and that it acknowledges the importance of suburban churches addressing the complexities of immigration.

From April 8-9 Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis is hosting No Longer Strangers: A Conversation on the Church and Immigration.  Daniel Carroll Rodas, professor of Old Testament at Denver Seminary and author of Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church and the Bible, will be the conference’s main speaker.  Impressively, this conference is just $25.00.

I’m not sure whether my calendar will allow me to attend any of these important events, so I’m especially curious to know if any of this blog’s readers plan on attending.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Church & Immigration Events

  1. As one of the planners for Mission On Your Doorstep, I plan on going. 8>)

    Thanks for the mention! I am a learner in this area, all of us are, so we try and design a conference that we all would want and need to attend. What makes this years so unique are the workshops for and led by African, Korean and South Asian leaders. There are also plenty of workshops helping people learn about the uniquness of suburban poverty, immigration and community development.

    $5 off a regular ticket for anyone who puts SOL in the discount code!

    I highly recommend Richard Land at Wheaton, and Dr. Carroll is great, he is one of the keynotes at MOYD.

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