Weekend Reading

  • Miroslav Volf asks the provocative and important question, “Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?”  The fact of the matter is this: fearful people bent on domination have created the contest for supremacy between Yahweh, the God of the Bible, and Allah, the God of the Quran. The two are one God, albeit differently understood. Arab Christians have for centuries worshiped God under the name “Allah.” Most Christians through the centuries, saints and teachers of undisputed orthodoxy, have believed that Muslims worship the same God as they do. They did so even in times of Muslim cultural ascendency and military conquests, when they represented a grave threat to Christianity in the whole of Europe.
  • KoreAm magazine has an interesting profile of Emile Mack, the Los Angeles Deputy Fire Chief who was adopted from Korea by an African American couple.  Certainly, he acknowledges most people are surprised when they find out he was raised by African American parents. When one talks about transnational adoption or even cross-racial adoption, it usually involves white parents and ethnic adoptees. In essence, Mack’s story can be interpreted as an testament to the strengths and beauty of adoption, period. It’s a story that is coming full-circle, now that Mack and his wife Jenny have recently adopted a baby girl, Miya, from South Korea.
  • Rev. Samuel Rodriguez writes for UnDocumented.tv about the possibilities of Evangelicals and immigrants partnering to address divisions caused by the immigration debate.  A Just Integration Solution reconciles Romans 13, adherence to the rule of law with Leviticus 19, treating the stranger amongst us as one of our own. As Christians, we stand committed to the message of the Cross. However, that cross is both vertical and horizontal, salvation and transformation, ethos and pathos, Kingdom and society, faith and public policy, Covenant and community, righteousness and justice, Romans 13 and Leviticus 19.

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