The Ekklesia Project

Next week I’m attending The Ekklesia Project’s Gathering in Chicago where the topic is “Neighbors Near and Far.”

As descendants of a wandering Aramean, our lives are caught up with those of our neighbors who, in the marvelous, wondrous diversity that is God’s work of creation, come from across the street, across the border, and across the ocean. In his sending of the seventy and in the parable of the good Samaritan, Jesus not only instructs us to love our neighbors, but he also redefines for us those relationships we name through such words as “alien,” “stranger,” “guest” and “host.” As those who have received the merciful hospitality of God, he sends us to learn what it means to welcome, and to be welcomed, by these neighbors.

This will be my first experience with Ekklesia and I’m looking forward to attending with a couple of church friends.  You can read more about the gathering on the registration page.  The registration fee is very reasonable and financial assistance is available.

Anyone planning to attend?

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