“God is Watching”

Elizabeth Dias on how some Christians are responding to the debt ceiling wrangling in Washington:

Sojourners, a Christian social justice organization, ran a full-page ad in Politico on Thursday morning, warning politicians that “God is Watching” their actions. Sojourners’ supporters have sent nearly 100,000 emails to Congress on budget morality in the past two weeks. “Scriptures teach that God is especially concerned with how the decisions of the politically powerful effect the poor and vulnerable (Isaiah10),” Tim King, a spokesman for Sojourners, told TIME. “The politically easy thing is to cut programs for those in need because poor people don’t have much for lobbyists in Washington D.C. The morally right thing is to defend those whom Jesus called, ‘the least of these.’”

2 thoughts on ““God is Watching”

  1. I absolutely agree! As Christians[followers of Jesus], we should be drawn to care about the people and issues that Jesus cared about. The “Christian” right has wasted so much energy and money fighting for causes that protect the privileged, convey greed and hatefulness, while a hurting world is missing the good news and compassion Jesus commissioned us to proclaim.

  2. I was always under the impression that living within ones means was a good thing and even a godly principle. Doesn’t the Bible have things to say about borrowing and loaning money? If I could take out a loan and use the money for really good causes should I ? How much should I borrow ? There is no end to really great organizations and cause that would benefit from additional dollars but I can’t just limit my wasteful spending but also my spending on truly good things. Is it that much different for a government. When our government borrows 40 cents out of every dollar we spend isn’t it possible that we have let our spending habits get out of control? Maybe instead of increasing our borrowing we need to take a closer look at how we are handling the money we already have. Maybe God is watching our borrowing habits as well.

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