Ribs at the Rendezvous

During our Thanksgiving trip to visit Maggie’s family in Tennessee we made the drive into Memphis to introduce Eliot to my favorite ribs, expertly prepared at the legendary Rendezvous.  He made his daddy proud.

One thought on “Ribs at the Rendezvous

  1. If the Israelites had been allowed to eat pork, there would have been a 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s barbecue. Neither his ribs, nor his shoulder nor his brisket or even his butt. Neither his roast nor his loin, nor his hocks or even his riblets. Neither his dry rub, nor his sauce, nor his smoker, or even his coleslaw. For this would be detestable because there is plenty to go around.”

    Or something like that =)

    Looks like Eliot is a chip off the ‘ol block. I just wonder where your bib is?

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