“He called for help.”

Michael reflects soberly and sorrowfully on the appalling murder of Trayvon Martin.

I didn’t want to think about how similar Trayvon Martin is to the vision I have for my son.  He was a boy, enjoying life, getting good grades, collecting admiration from teachers; he was loved by his family, who over and over called the extremely deceptive police department when he had been missing for three days because his body was cooling on a medical examiner’s table and left like his parents didn’t want him when all they wanted was him.  That young child was so much like my child, the child in my imagination’s future.  He had a girl who liked him.  He ate candy.  He was wise in discerning when trouble showed up.  He called for help.

I hope you’ll visit Michael’s blog to read the entire post.  I hope too that we who are white will take in this unfolding story and feel it for the unjust reality it represents – not always this dramatic, but always devestating.

2 thoughts on ““He called for help.”

  1. I am a resident of the Central Florida area and grew up in Seminole County (I currently reside in Orange County – Orlando, FL). I would caution you and others to not rush to judgement in regards to this case on either side. Yes, is was tragic that Trayvon is dead – but Mr. Zimmerman is also not doing well and is in fear of his life. If we want justice we should all wait for the truth & facts of this case to come out in a court of law. The Grand Jury convenes on April 10th – we shall see what they decided on the basis on the facts etc. of this case. Also, the question is did Trayvon call for help or was that Mr. Zimmerman calling for help?

    1. I agree that we can’t judge. We weren’t there. However, Mr. Zimmerman should be arrested. There was no one else suspected to be involved in Trayvon’s death at this time. You would obviously arrest the one person directly connected. Self-defense or not.

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