A New Sunday Home

For the first couple of years of our church’s short existence we’ve meet at an elementary school on the northern edge of Bronzeville.  It’s been a great place for us in so many ways, including a partnership with the community at the school.  The only downside was the massive rent that we paid each month, an amount set not by the school but by the larger bureaucracy.  For about a year we’ve kept our eyes open for a new location that would allow less of our church budget to be spent on the facility.  Earlier this summer we located an excellent space in a park district facility – on the southern edge of the neighborhood – and this morning we made the move.

Putting together our storage shed. Photo by Esther K.

The move went exceptionally well and in some ways symbolized something important about our church: we’re in it together.  There were a few time this morning when I couldn’t find something to do; everyone pitched in and in less than three hours we were done.

Tomorrow we begin weekly worship at Kennicott Park.  It will take a few weeks to get used to our new home but, if you’re local, I hope you’ll visit us one of these Sundays.

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