Lianne La Havas

The past few days have been non-stop activity.  Good stuff, this busyness: Good Friday and Easter Services to plan and lead, the highlight of the year for us with the transition from grief to celebration.  We feasted around our table on Sunday afternoon with friends, delicious food, a lot of laughing, and an egg hunt in the back garden for Eliot and his friend.  As good as these days have been there’s been little time to stop and, as I told Maggie and Michael on our way to Lincoln Hall last night, I’d been intensely looking forward to Monday evening with friends at the Lianne La Havas concert.  I wasn’t disappointed.  And if the smiles, nods, and enthusiastic commentary around our table was any indication, neither were the rest of our small party.

The coming days hold more good activity.  I’m especially looking forward to the Wheaton Theology Conference and the three-anniversary of our young church on April 14.  If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and celebrate with us.  We’ll have a piece of cake with your name on it.

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