Immigration reform has been a regular topic on this blog over the years so it’s encouraging to see some genuine momentum in DC toward this legislation.  (If this is a new issue to you then you might  be interested in my two-part interview with Jenny Hwang, co-author of the very important book Welcoming the Stranger: part 1; part 2.)  Over the past few months I’ve sat in a room with one of my Democratic senators and listened in on a conference call with a Republican senator (from a different state); both of these men are in the thick of the effort to pass the legislation currently being debated.


It’s also been encouraging to see Evangelical folks get behind these efforts.  Some friends have put together a campaign to encourage Christians to pray for the passage of reform legislation that will be just and hospitable to immigrants and refugees.  Check out the #pray4reform website for a bit more information and to commit to pray in the coming days.

One thought on “#pray4reform

  1. One of the key questions I have on immigration reform is: If your government, both R’s and D’s play games with our current laws, will they play even deeper games with the claimed reform laws? I have yet to read anything that deals with sufficiently with corruption of government and business. To me, this is the key problem, not existing immigration laws. Our country has received in many strangers over they years to build them up. With current corruption, which I see no reason why reform would resolve it, immigrants will be seen as creatures to be used and manipulated for political purposes to gain control and power, not to benefit the people. I see deeper scams ahead, not reform. Does this book address this reality?

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