Bill Moyers Interviews Wendell Berry

There is so much that is good in this interview with Wendell Berry, including this: “A lot of my writing, when it hasn’t been in defense of precious things, has been a giving of thanks for precious things.” Thanks to Englewood Review of Books for pointing to this.

One thought on “Bill Moyers Interviews Wendell Berry

  1. So this guy is anti-coal. That means he wants higher energy prices and greater dependence on foreign oil which hurts all the little guy’s. Wind and solar do not have the dependable power of coal. He’s been suckered by the global warming religion. It’s a lot of faith in Al Gore the great scientist. He’s good with words like sustainable. Coal is sustainable. A far bigger problem than big coal are big government, big union, and big abortion industry. Insane spending of big government is not. Just note the Obama lies about cutting health care costs and “affordable health care” when the prices are much higher for everyone who was buying health care before. It’s not affordable unless you enjoy being a leach on everyone else. A lot of people do enjoy that. Irresponsibility is not sustainable.

    This guy gets to live on a nice rural farm while his fellow progressives are pushing people into smaller and tighter housing in cities with high crime rates and humanist religion schools, just to name two. He is not as authentic as he sounds. Folks immigrating from Russia would call him a communist. They know how they twist words so evil sounds good.

    What is actually truthful about what he says?
    What is truthful about what Bill Moyers preaches?

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