Our New Son

I’m so happy to introduce you to our new son, Winston Swanson.

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

It was less than a month ago when our adoption agency contacted us about a birth family who was interested in meeting us. I won’t go into the details here, but over the past few weeks we’ve shared a lot with these two impressive people. We are beyond honored that they chose to place this beautiful boy with us.

It’s been a strange month, in part because we’ve not been free to share this process with many people we care about. The nature of adoption is so tenuous that we felt it best to share our great news only after things had become official. Today is that day!

We’re all a bit bleary-eyed and emotionally spent around here. But we’re happy, so very happy.

I look forward to introducing him to you in person one day soon.

11 thoughts on “Our New Son

  1. Congratulations Swanson’s! He is beautiful….what’s his name? Elliott is going to be a great big brother. Blessings, Debbie and Wiley

  2. I’m so pleased and thankful for all that has happened. I’m very happy for you all! So special to have had family there for this momentous happening, and answer to many prayers, as we waited for the outcome.!
    Love to you all,

  3. How exciting for you! Love the sweet pic. Happy for you and your family — Elliot’s going to make a great big brother. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations . Winston is beautiful and bringing much joy to you all, I’m sure. It’s wonderful to see Gods plans work out. I enjoy your ” signs of LIFE” and the pix you put in email. Keep them coming. god has blessed me too. At 81 , I am well and active. Just got back from a wonderful trip to Alaska. Now I’m drinking coffee on my patio, looking at my beautiful lake,listening to loons. swam and biked this a.m. all of this is an undeserved gift. I thank Him. Love, Lois

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  5. Winston is beautiful. Of course I am not the least bit bias. I can’t wait to see what God will do next in your family!

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