new orleans update #1

This morning I received the following email from Chris, one of the adults on the SR missions trip to New Orleans,


We arrived in Memphis around 6:30PM safe and sound.  Thank you Lord.  Our trip was almost uneventful, but God showed us he’s in control in an awesome way….

Around noon, near Salem Il, we decided to stop for some lunch.  As we were exiting the expressway, Jon’s truck suddenly lost power steering, power brakes, and then died.  He was able to coast to the side of the exit ramp, fairly close to the end of the exit.  Well off of the main expressway.  (God sighting #1)  Then, Jon was able to slip the water pump-AC-Power-Steering-Alternator-etc. belt off of the pulley’s so that he was able to start the truck again.  (God sighting #2).  Then, he drove it to an Advance-Auto parts store that was within 1/4 mile.  (God Sighting #3)  Jon found that the alternator had seized.  The parts store had the alternator (God Sighting #4).  The parts store had some tools we could borrow, which is unheard of.  (God sighting #5)  Jon and Glenn had a slight mishap while putting things back together
resulting in Glenn falling against the engine compartment side and a tool hitting Jon’s hand very hard.  Both experienced pain, but no apparent long term injuries (God sighting #6) Jon and Glenn had the truck working again within 30-60 minutes of the breakdown (God Sighting #7).

Of course the biggest God sighting is the orchestration of where and when the truck broke down.  If we had been actually on the expressway miles and miles from any type of parts store, exits, etc., we would have spent hours getting the truck fixed, as it would have had to have been done along the highway.  We do have tools with us, but they’re packed at the front of the trailer, which would have meant unloading the entire trailer to get to some basic sockets and wrenches.  So, if it had to happen, God made sure we were in a safe place.

The rest of the trip has been uneventful.  The students are all having a great time so far.

We will have personal devotions from 8:30 to 9 am on Sunday morning, then breakfast, then pack and leave by 10:30.  With about 5 hrs to go we should get to NO by 6pm w/o issue.

That’s it for now.

Say hi to the church for us.

In Christ,

Chris on behalf of the N.O. mission trip team.

2 thoughts on “new orleans update #1

  1. God is so good, and it is good to see him at work -even in the events surrounding a car breaking down.

    Our prayers are with you all.

    Greg & Jeanne

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