thanks for making chicago feel like home

IMG_3339This photo was taken on May 10, 2008, the day of our move from Glen Ellyn to Chicago, a move that has highlighted the difference 25 miles can make.  The median income of our former suburb was almost $75,000 while our new neighborhood, Logan Square, sits just above $36,000.  Another noticeable change: Glen Ellyn is 87% White while Logan Square is predominately Hispanic.

Despite these differences, much about our lives remains the same.  We still take walks around our neighborhood, though we are now three and the walks include a stroller.  And we still enjoy hosting people in our home and eating summertime dinners in the backyard.

Our year in the city has been fantastic.  Not always good or easy of course, but definitely a wonderful experience and one we look forward to continuing.  It will still be a while before we can claim Chicago as our own, but after one year we’re beginning to get a taste of the city being  home.

At some point I’d like to reflect on this past year in more detail.  I’ve moved enough times in my 31 years to know that it’s often the first year or so of being in a new place that allows for some of the most interesting observations.  Being an outsider has plenty of drawbacks but it does allow a unique perspective.

For now I’d like to simply thank those who have helped Chicago begin to feel like home.  We’ve shared meals in friends’ homes, had enthusiastic help unloading our moving truck, been taken to favorite restaurants, been immensely supported through Eliot’s adoption, hung out with neighbors in the backyard, and been welcomed into an amazing church family.  For all of these things and much more, thank you.

One thought on “thanks for making chicago feel like home”

  1. I love this post. It comes at a good time for me as we are talking to a realtor about finding a home more in downtown OKC. We want to be in more of a walking community with older more unique, less cookie cutter neigjborhoods. I’ve been thinking about talking to you all about your experience. I’m glad to hear it’s been favorable for the most part. I also like your insight about seeing things with fresh eyes when you’re new to a place.

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