this weekend: christianity and consumerism

I’ve mentioned The Gospel and Culture Conference here a few times, but it’s worth pointing out again.  The conference begins this Friday evening, includes a picnic and session on Saturday evening, and wraps up on Sunday morning.  This is New Community’s first attempt at something like this, and I’m glad that Skye Jethani will be our inaugural guest teacher.

the gospel and culture conference

We’ve invited a number of Chicago churches to join us for the conference and we’re hopeful this weekend will be a time to meet new friends.  Our worship team will open each session and Friday and Saturday will feature a Q&A and refreshments.  New Community typically hosts a few summer picnics on Logan Boulevard and our first one will coincide with the conference, Saturday at 6:00.  The conference is free and open to anyone. Any Signs of Life readers going to make it?

Our guest teacher, Skye, has recently written The Divine Commodity, though we’d have invited him even if he wasn’t published.  I try to have lunch or coffee with Skye every few months because I know I’ll walk a smarter person.  Many of us are convinced that Consumerism as a way of life is antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus but Skye is one of the few people who is imagining a way for the American Church to be faithful in the midst of this type of culture.

If you’re around Chicago this weekend I hope you’ll join us.


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