soong-chan rah reviews “gran torino”

Soong-Chan RahI do my best to keep the Regular Reading list of blogs on the sidebar to a manageable size.  There are a handful of additional blogs I follow, but the ones on this list are good conversation partners with the general thrust of this blog.  I’ve just added Soong-Chan Rah’s blog to the list.  You might remember my review of Dr Rah’s book, The Next Evangelicalism back in June.  Have you read it yet?  Dr Rah also spoke at our church a few weeks back about some of the themes from the book and took a number of insightful questions from the congregation.  Those of you with an interest in the future of the church in America would enjoy following Dr Rah’s blog.

This morning Dr Rah posted some thoughtful critique about the recent Clint Eastwood film, Gran Torino.  His interpretation of some of the film’s themes differ from my own over at Out of Ur, but that’s what makes films interesting conversation starters.  Those of you who’ve seen Gran Torino will appreciate this blog post, “Gran Torino or Clint Eastwood is my Savior.”

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