my son, the budding cubs fan

It seems likely that our upcoming move to Hyde Park may cause a few problems for Eliot’s growing allegiance to the Chicago Cubs.


Not to mention the lifetime of heartbreak and disappointment he’ll experience should he continue down this path.

6 thoughts on “my son, the budding cubs fan

  1. Being a Cubs fan is really one of the most optimistic positions to be in. . .we always have next year to look forward to. =)

    This Cubs fan is hoping Eliot stays strong no matter which side of town he lives on. . .

  2. Personally, I think Eliot will be the next Cubs Lucky Charm and get free tickets for life as they win season after season!

  3. I actually gave thought to passing on my family’s tradition of Cubbie Love. On the one hand…surely in HIS lifetime. But on the other hand – had my Grandpa said that, he’d have been wrong.

    Finally, I stuck with what I’ve always said – being a Cubs fan is very, very good for spiritual development. Trials…perseverance…delayed gratification…hope…hope during adversity…rejoicing always…I could go on and on.

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