multi-site church ad nauseum

My most recent post for Out of Ur went up yesterday.  The audience on that blog tends to be those with an interest in or experience with church ministry.  Frankly, I’m not sure most of the readers here at Signs of Life would find the content all that intriguing, but it’s certainly a blog I appreciate watching and learning from.

My latest post is a bit of a rant about my fatigue with the amount of time spent over the past few years debating the merits or pitfalls of multi-site models of church.  Believe me, if you’re unaware of this conversation you’re not missing much.  I’ve become frustrated with this conversation because 1) it’s not all that relevant to the majority of folks in ministry and 2) it can distract from the legitimate and unique challenges faced by churches, challenges that demand solid theological thinking and creative responses within their local context.

So what could we be talking about instead of multi-site models of church?

I can think of a few things I’d prefer that we were talking about. How about articulating a theology that addresses the plight of millions of uninsured Americans? What about expressing the intrinsic worth of the undocumented immigrants who live in the shadows of our multi-site churches but never enter to see our impressive hi-def video preachers. What about a global conversation about ways the Majority World can influence evangelism in our increasingly post-Christian nation? One day someone will look back at our movement in the early 2000s and judge our priorities. I doubt they will find our current infatuation with sites and venues will all that important.

The entire post can be read at Out of Ur.

2 thoughts on “multi-site church ad nauseum

  1. THANK YOU. It’s funny, I had the same gripe. the missional church discussion ad nauseum is “not a movement, it’s a makeover. same players holding the same power talking to the same people and excluding the same people.” It’s degenerated into elitisms, debated by missional pundits, even big names. pls.

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