photos from 2nd church plant event

A week ago Sunday we had our second training event for the New Community Bronzeville Launch Team.  This is the team of people who have come together to pray and work for the launch of our new church in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood.  It’s amazing and encouraging to look at these photos and realize the individuals and families who have come together to form this team.

Click through to see all six photos (even more can be found here), though you’ll have to agree that the last one is the best.  Thanks to Tony of Gavan Creative for these excellent shots.







Our next event is on Sunday evening, 12/13 and will be focused on inviting our friends and family who are spiritually seeking and/or disconnected from a church.  Want to join us?

4 thoughts on “photos from 2nd church plant event

  1. I want to be on your launch team! The commute from Sacramento might be a little hard though!? Looking forward to hearing more in the coming weeks and months.

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