The Low Anthem

I first saw The Low Anthem last summer at Lollapalooza and, despite the poor acoustics and thrash metal from a nearby stage, instantly knew this would be my festival favorite.  Tonight I get to see the band for a second time on the Chicago leg of their tour.  Here’s a bit of what I’m looking forward to.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Read more about this gorgeous video by La Blogotheque.

4 thoughts on “The Low Anthem

  1. I went to their tour page and was bummed to see they had already made their west coast swing. I’ve enjoyed everything I have heard from them since you first tipped us off.

  2. I am curious if the name of this album bothers you in anyway? I know as a father of young children the crassness of the language in every day life bothers me. It is one thing that I have made a point of standing up against. I have been at a local park with my young kids while teenagers have been swearing at each other and I have asked them to consider the others in the park. On another occasion I was in a local parking lot where two young women were trading the most vile language I have ever heard as loudly as humanly possible. While parents with kids rushed into stores a few of us phoned the police. I belive words matter. I would think that as person in a leadership position in the Christian community that dishonoring words would matter to you. I would appreciate your response. Maybe I am just a prude but someday you may find yourself in my shoes sitting in a park wondering why we have sat back and let public discourse become so crude.

    1. Dan- thanks for the thoughtful question. Rather than share my thoughts here, I’m going to pull this into a new post within the next week or so. I’d like to highlight your question so that other folks can more easily respond.

      Thanks too for reading and commenting on a regular basis.

  3. Thanks for the response and look forward to the reply. Till then if you get a chance check out Ten Years After–I’d love to change the world.

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