happy saturday: hyde park records

Where do you go to buy your music?  OK, that question assumes a few things.  A) You buy rather than steal (or whatever the appropriate euphemism is) your music.  B) You remain interested enough in new music to purchase the occasional album.  C) You’re old-school enough to buy a non-digitally downloaded album now and then, the kind you must actually unwrap from it’s almost impenetrable plastic wrapping.

Hyde Park RecordsOriginal photo from hydeparkrecords.net.

Our new home is located dangerously close to Hyde Park Records, a small storefront that smells of old records.  I’ve poked my head in the shop a few times since we moved and on Tuesday made my first purchase, The Low Anthem’s Oh My God, Charlie Darwin.*  They didn’t have the album last week but gladly ordered it.  There was something oddly satisfying about the delayed gratification, knowing the eventual purchase went to the shop around the corner.

I know the siren call of Amazon’s cheap music, so I’ll not get preachy about the merits of shopping locally.  I’m also well aware that there are few independent music stores (and books stores and…) left so I’m delighted that we have Hyde Park Records as an option.

Do you have a favorite record store?  Book store?  Would you shop local if you had the chance?

Should you ever visit Hyde Park, it will be my pleasure to introduce you to our record store.  It may not be as cheap or efficient as iTunes, but I bet you’ll find an album or two that will remind you why the local record shop is worth keeping around.


*I Reviewed this album earlier this week over at rednoW.com.