Recommended Reading: Irene’s Daughters

It’s rarely something I choose to write about, but becoming parents to our adopted son over a year ago is the beautiful subtext to our lives these days.  Ours was a transracial adoption, meaning that Eliot’s ethnicity differs from ours.  Perhaps at some point I’ll have something to say about our somewhat non-traditional family, but at this point I just need to hear from those further along this particular road.

Irene’s Daughters is a blog written by four women who, “are committed to an honest and occasionally confessional discussion of race relations, systemic racism, and prejudice in the United States.”  I’ve been reading this blog for a while and have finally added it to the “Regular Reading” sidebar. In addition to thoughtful critique and insight about issues of race and ethnicity, there are also regular posts about adoption, including transracial adoption.

Regardless of your interest in adoption, I think you will find this blog a compelling collection of ideas, provocations, links and questions centering on things we often discuss here at signs of life.  You might start with a recent post, “Discouragement and Encouragement,” which gives insight into how the author- a person of color- navigates conversations about race and prejudice with white friends.

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